Kia Stevens: Bright Star in Women's Wrestling

Steven DavisonCorrespondent IMarch 31, 2009

Kia Stevens ("Awesome Kong" to her fans) is one of the biggest stars in TNA today, and even though some of her critics do not like her dominating the Knockout Division, I for one do.

The 31-year-old is one of the shining lights in TNA's female sector, as she was on the top rung of the ladder throughout 2008. Showcasing her is one of the greatest moves by TNA's creative team, and she deserves all of the recognition she gets.


Being a professional wrestler is hard, any way you slice it, and working your way from the bottom is even harder. But Kong has made it in both Japan and North America, which is a great achievement for any talent.

The list of Kong's accolades reads like a "who's who" of women's divisions titles; she's held the TNA Knockouts title and is a former Chick Fight Tournament winner.

And not only has she won most major titles offered to women, but she has faced off with the greatest talent the pro wrestling world has to offer. The list of names that Kong has left in her wake include Gail Kim, Nikki Roxx, Taylor Wilder, and one of the greatest in any women's division, Aja Kong.


But throughout her storied career, Stevens has never had a year as great as 2008. It saw her demolish anyone and everyone in TNA's Knockout division, which is primarily made up of the greatest women in wrestling.

But can the American-born behemoth continue her march during 2009, or will someone from the crowded ranks get the upper hand?

I hope that the next 12 months bring some great (non-squash) matches against the likes of Cheerleader Melissa and Sarah Stock. Also cross your fingers for another Taylor Wilde confrontation.

Until next time, I suggest watching a Lu Fisto-Kong match or a Kong-Aja match. Then, you can make your own mind up about the most dominant female in professional wrestling to date.


- Steven D