WrestleMania's 'Money In The Bank' Match: Who Will Win?

hbk for champContributor IMarch 31, 2009

The "Money In The Bank" is coming in less than a week. In the text you're about to read, I give an in-depth analysis of everyone's chances.



This is my absolute pick for the match. He turned face, won the US Title, and has the momentum he needs. A win in this match would finally give him the main-event push he deserves.

Chances: 40 percent.


Mark Henry


Chances: 1 percent.


CM Punk

Punk won it last year and received a big push afterward. He deserves another push, so it's possible he'll win for the second year in a row.

Chances: 29 percent.



I would like to see this guy win it. However, with word going that Vince McMahon has no faith in him, I'm not really sure. He is still one of the favourites, though.

Chances: 19 percent.


Kofi Kingston

It's still too soon for him. Maybe next year?

Chances: 5 percent.



He deserves a win in this match after being such a loyal employee for years. However, I don't see this happening, especially after his win on Raw's battle royal.

Chances: 2 percent.



He's in ECW to help younger guys, and won't be a World Champion any time soon.

Chances: 1 percent.


Shelton Benjamin

Benjamin is really talented, but he's been lost for ages in WWE. He deserves a win, but I don't believe WWE will give it to him here.

Chances: 3 percent.