The BCS, Made by Real Men of Genius

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The BCS, Made by Real Men of Genius
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Remember those Bud commercials?  The Real Men of Genius?  Here is one for the BCS.

Here's to you, BCS. The only sports governing body where the number of votes your team gets is more important than the number of games you won.

Singer in background: Paper champions...

Here's to you BCS.  With all that time off from Thanksgiving to New Years Day, a playoff could be played out, but instead, a super computer runs scenarios and picks the best championship game.

Singer in background: Computer picks champion...

In reality, the BCS is more right on then not.  Those who run the BCS and made it what it is today, really are ahead of their times.

I have to admit, I am a BCS convert.  I was like 99% of you out there, clamoring and whining about having a "real" national championship in big time division I college football.  What the hell was I thinking?

The BCS is to college football as what water is to a fish.  Only, those who are not on board with the BCS are the ones out there flopping around trying to suck in the last drop of water.

Realize that the BCS makes the college football regular season relevant.  Without the BCS, would anyone here care about writing a college football blog in March? Probably not.  It's the height of spring training, NBA is in it's stretch run to the playoffs, NASCAR is heating up, and March Madness is at it's peak.  Yet, there will be something on ESPN tonight about college football.  You don't get that with any other sport.

After next week's national championship basketball game is done, the next time you will hear about NCAA basketball is Halloween (unless of course, you live in Indiana or Kentucky, then all bets are off). 

The BCS makes the college regular season relevant.  March Madness makes the basketball season an after thought.  Don't think so?  Answer these two questions: How many NCAA basketball games in November determine the championships in March? (the answer is none)  How many NCAA football games in September determine the championships in January? (depends on how many games there are in September)

Listen, I know, I understand.  Utah was screwed.  A "true" champion cannot be crowned unless there is some playoff system involved to "eliminate" the also-rans.  Whatever.  Everyone wants a winner, a champion.  But that is exactly what we have.  Just because you don't like it, doesn't mean that Florida didn't deserve the title last year, and you can't take it away from them.

Is there any sport in the world where "preseason" means so much?  Spring training is the best time, but last I checked, most teams average less than 10,000 fans to spring training game.  Ohio State's intra-squad scrimmage game is hoped to be attended by over 90,000 fans, televised on national cable television, and followed in the newspaper as well.

On LSU's website, not only do they have the schedule of LSU's spring football scrimmages, but that of their rivals in the SEC.  Probably to give the fans an early look at the competition, and chance to point out their weaknesses.

Without the BCS, would any intra-squad scrimmage game mean a damn thing?  Probably not.  The people in charge of the BCS knows exactly what they are doing.  College football is a monster all it's own, but the BCS just made that monster Godzilla, times ten. 

So everyone, enjoy your March Madness.  Fill out your brackets, read the bracketology columns on, jump up and down during Championship week and get excited for the sport for the final 6 weeks, because that's all that really matters in college basketball.  In a year like this, where the 65 team invitational has been lack luster at best, remember the best tournament ever invented starts up again in six short months on September 3, 2009.

It may not be single elimination, and may end up being a double elimination tournament when all is said and done, but that's the beauty of it.  It is 100X more unpredictable than March Madness.

So go ahead and bash the BCS all you want.  Say it's bad for college football.  In fact, call the BCS staff and yell at them, and threaten them that you will never watch college football again if they don't implement a playoff system.  They will just smile and call your bluff.

They have all the power, and they know it.

When over 90,000 fans are going to pay to see a scrimmage in April, when recruiting is such a big deal that some kid in Nevada fakes his own recruitment because he knows it will be news, that March Madness is in full swing but college football is just as hot now as it is in November, and the President of the United States of American weighs in his stance on national television, the BCS knows they have a good product.  A money making product.

And really, isn't that what college football is all about?

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