Is the WWE Tag Team Division the Only One That Needs Help?

catalina monsalveCorrespondent IMarch 31, 2009

Several months ago before Wrestlemania's tag team title unification match was announced, there were many articles saying the tag team division needs help and it's the weak point of WWE.

But this is really the only one weak point of WWE? 

I think there is another division that needs some quick help; I'm talking about the women's division and what is happening with divas matches. 

Yesterday on Raw, there was an 18-diva match and it lasted two minutes...two minutes! It means divas entrances were longer that match, and the only interesting thing was Santino's man-kini. 

But this is not the only match that is really short and don't show a real fit (a real fit isn't a bleeding one; it's just a match that really shows female wrestlers' skills).

Look how long divas matches are: about five or six minutes and three minutes are for their entrances and the last minute is for celebration. So we have a three-minute match that normally starts with a slap.

WWE divas matches used to be interesting, too; remember Lita's matches?

Lita used to steal the show and made and incredible performances. Look at Victoria, Trish and other past divas who really had hard matches. 

Many current divas have good skills and can do something better than what they are doing now, and WWE has divas who can have more interesting feuds. Other divas are just pretty women.

Also, when we gonna have a new women's champion? I'm a big fan of Melina, but there are other divas who could be great champions. 

Just look at Michelle McCool and Maryse. About 4 months and she only had revenge a week ago, and Gail Kim attacked them?

Melina and Beth? oh wait, that's too old, when Rosa or Eve will fit? Candice Michelle is on the roster, right?

Why doesn't Katie Lea 't have a title opportunity, Natalya, Jillian losing every week isn't fair she is a great wrestler and is losing every single week.

Fans deserve something better than a short match with women who have sexy clothes. We already have time to see how beautiful are them in, so why Vince doesn't give us great diva action?

Wrestlemania is coming and the divas battle royale is in it, so what can we expect about that? another 10 minute of entrances and five minutes of the match?