Creature vs. Creature: Results After Goody's Fast Pain Relief 500

Ben BombergerSenior Writer IMarch 31, 2009

Back-to-back short tracks provided some excitement in NASCAR, but little changed in the Creature vs. Creature standings.

After a one-week hiatus from the top of the standings, S.M. Napier recaptured the lead after his pick of Denny Hamlin (second) finished two spots ahead of MJ Buchanan's pick of Jeff Gordon (fourth).

Overall, the panel of writers had a very successful weekend, with all but one writer's picks finishing in the top eight.

Kelly Crandall won her first race of the year with Jimmie Johnson, but gained little ground on the competition.

Napier's pick of Hamlin finished second, allowing Crandall only a 10-point advantage over him.

My pick (Tony Stewart) came home third, and Buchanan's and LJ Burgess' pick (Gordon) finished fourth.

Adam Heasley went with Dale Earnhardt Jr., who brought home an eighth place finish and David Phillips had the only selection outside of the top eight with Kyle Busch, who finished 24th.

With the win, Crandall joins Phillips, Napier, and Heasley with one win apiece. Of course, points will be reset heading into the Chase, with each win giving the writer a 10-point bonus. Anyone entering the Chase with zero wins, will start with zero points.

With 20 races to go, each writer still has plenty of time to rack up a few wins.

Here is a look at the standings following Martinsville:


SM Napier—Denny Hamlin, finished second, 948 points and one win.

MJ Buchanan—Jeff Gordon, finished fourth, 935 points.

Adam Heasley—Dale Earnhardt Jr., finished eighth, 852 points and one win.

Ben Bomberger—Tony Stewart, finished third, 838 points.

Kelly Crandall—Jimmie Johnson, won the race, 738 and one win.

David Phillips—Kyle Busch, finished 24th, 717 points and one win.

LJ Burgess—Jeff Gordon, finished fourth, 621 points.


It's back to the "Cookie Cutter" tracks this weekend when the Sprint Cup Series heads down south to Texas Motor Speedway.