A Reason Why Test Cricket Will Last

Dann KhanAnalyst IMarch 31, 2009

NAPIER, NEW ZEALAND - MARCH 30:  VVS Laxman of India bats during day five of the second test match between New Zealand and India at McLean Park on March 30, 2009 in Napier, New Zealand.  (Photo by Phil Walter/Getty Images)

The recently concluded match of India against New Zealand made me think of cricket again and this time in a different manner (again).

Well in the end the match was draw and to a great extent fairly dull. The pitch was an absolute belter and was best described in Kiwi captain Daniel Vettori's words" You could bat on this wicket for another five or six days if you wanted"

I am pretty sure there are many wh have already formed the opinions about this and are ready with the answer that these are the pitches that kill test cricket.

I cannot agree with the statement more and if test matches have to be popularised then such piches are the enemy.

But this test match made me realise something else. I made me realise why test cricket will never die no matter how hard you shake or try to cut this huge tree's trunk. It's like a banyan tree, it keeps on building new trunks to support it.

But the trunk I am talking about, is the original one.

I will not keep you in the dark any longer. I think one of the sole reasons test cricket has lasted and will last is it's ability to produce a draw.

Think about it, in a one day game the players would have never been able to make sure that the oposition doesn't win if they were in a similar situation compared to the tests.

The player himself knows that a hard earned draw is as good as a win.

The mentality test cricket has allowed people to form is that never look to lose. Win comes second.

It may not be the best mentality according to you but it is a mentality that makes the cricket continue to play the match with spirit even when his team is down and almost out.

What I want to say in other words is that thefor the players there is never an end to the match.

Any game that can end in a stale mate will be enjoyed by all the players as well. As they know that even if they cannot prove themselves better than the other, they can prove themselves equal.

Also the fact that a draw is possible makes the one sided result a lot more special.    

Test cricket provides hope to a player that brings out a never lose attitude which is something that has resulted in a "always try to win" attitude in the result oreinted versions.

So as long as the hope is there cricket will have it's main trunk always in good shape.

P.S. Though please don't get me wrong. Test cricket still has to be made better and better pitches definetly have to be there. But yes, for a player a draw can be quite important and as long as the player wants it, it will stay