Dear Chad Johnson, Please Play Arena Football

aSenior Analyst IMarch 26, 2008

We all know the story by now.

Chad Johnson isn't happy in Cincinnati. Despite this, the Bengals still don't want to trade the star wide receiver. Johnson has skipped some voluntary workouts and continues to voice his displeasure with the club in the media.

But Ocho Cinco's comments regarding his future have gotten very interesting.

When asked on ESPN about scoring his 50th career touchdown next season, he responded, "I don't know, man. I don't know what I'm going to do. Whatever it is and where ever I am, it's going to be something fun. You know what? I might be playing Arena ball. That's the route I might have to go."

Chad Johnson playing Arena Football?

While he is probably kidding, how awesome would that be?

He's already virtually unstoppable in the NFL; can you imagine him matching up against AFL cornerbacks? It was remarkable to see Randy Moss break the single season record by grabbing 23 touchdown receptions last season, but how many cornerbacks would be receiving Pepto Bismol in the mail if Johnson joined the AFL? 

Not to mention the fact that in Arena Football, most players start on both sides of the ball. We've seen many of Johnson's personas (Ocho Cinco, 7-Eleven, etc.) but I would love to see him covering guys and delivering some big hits (into the walls, another plus in Arena Football) as a cornerback.

Also, can you imagine all of the touchdown celebrations the guy could now do?

He'd have walls all around him and a large field goal net as his props. Plus, the AFL, unlike the NFL, would most likely allow his dances and celebrations since they realize it's entertainment and because well, they're desperate for fans and would love to increase their ratings.

I mean, the guy would be bringing in tons of fans and giving the league more media coverage than ever, so I doubt they'd have a problem with him whipping out signs and Irish dancing.

If Johnson signs with an Arena Football team, you might as well change the name of the league to 'Sold-Out Arena' Football.

Those people in the ESPN commercials who don't believe that football is still on television would be scurrying around looking for their remote so that they could tune in and watch Johnson scorch opposing defenses.

Cincinnati, please don't trade Johnson, and, whatever you do, don't try to mend any broken bridges.

If everything works out perfectly, then maybe, just maybe, we can see him playing Arena Football next season. Sure, it's fun watching him every Sunday, but let's mix things up for a season or two.

Oh, and while you're at it, Cincinnati, keep pissing off T.J. Houshmandzadeh, too.

Mr. Johnson needs another talented receiver to help spread that 50-yard field.