Chris Paul-Deron Williams: Ayatolah of Point Guard-Rolla

Bhavik DarjiCorrespondent IMarch 31, 2009

From the moment Deron's Illinois team went over Paul's Demon Deacons of Wake Forest 91-73 to Chris going 3rd and Deron going 4th people frequently argue today who should have been picked first. Deron, or Chris and who is the better Point Guard.

Both players show excellence in the position they play in. Chris while being a breath taking away performances, between the legs, behind the back and such, is just breath taking. Deron Williams on the other hand plays a more traditional style of point guard play that is just fascinating.

The argument still continues today on who is the better Point Guard. Most people are leaning towards Chris Paul because of his flashy moves, his uncanny sense of leadership at such a young age, individual accomplishments, and how good his team is doing because of him.

For me, I think its Deron Williams.

While Chris Paul winning the ROY, has came second to MVP voting behind Kobe Bryant last year, and his team finishing second in the west with a franchise record last season and a two time All-star, people tend to forget about his counterpart Deron Williams.

Williams who averages less points and rebounds and career assists is under-looked. I believe it is mostly because of the fact that in Williams first year, he played back up for 33 games and started only 47 of them averaging 10.8 PPG and 4.5 APG.

It took Deron a little bit longer than Chris to adjust to the NBA and Deron, unlike Chris was not thrown into the starting spot right away. Lets not forget that Chris also played 8 more minutes then Deron at 36 MPG.

In the 2006-2007 season both teams averaged the same amount of rebounds per game at 42(Jazz) and 43(Hornets) respectively. Now Chris Paul was the fourth best rebounder on that 06-07 squad at 4.4 per game.

Deron was the ninth best rebounder on the team RPG. Now for the Jazz you had Boozer, Kirilenko and Okur who all together averaged 25.7 RPG. That is 61 percent of the rebounding coming from those three. They also had good bench players to rebound the ball also.

Hornets on the other hand unlike that Jazz do not have a good three player to rebound the ball. Stojakovic who at 6'10 should be murdering the people for the ball. Should be stuck in at the four spot at times in my opinion. Peja only played 13 games in the 06-07 season and averaged 4.2 RPG.

If you take a look at the current stats for Peja he is averaging 4.4 RPG. Chris Paul should not be doing all that rebounding, Chandler needs to step up but is currently only averaging 8.8 RPG, but that could also be his injuries slowing him down.

If Deron did not have those players to rebound for the team, he would be averaging at least 6 RPG at 6'3 while Paul is averaging 5.4 at 6'0. Unfortunately its the stats at work here. Paul is being recognized because how much more he has to do because the rest of his team can't do it.

Deron, who is having the same amount of success as Paul, is being under-looked because he does have those people to grab the boards and clean the window with Windex all night long. Then again, isn't that what a MVP is.

Magic Johnson's Lakers in the 89-90 season went 63-19, while Stokton's Jazz went 55-27. Magic who had the distinct height advantage at 6'9 averaged 8 RPG. Now Paul who is only 6'0 and is averaging two to three RPG Less than Magic.

I find that no help on the end of the Hornets. Magic went on to win the MVP while Stockton finished the year with 14.5 APG and a career high 17.2 PPG and a first round elimination.

Paul averages more RPG a game cause he has the players that cannot do it. Magic averaged the RPG because he could do it, cause he is the player that was capable of doing it.

Stockton had the players to do it, Deron had the players to do it. Deron Williams is underlooked and should be talked about more when talking about today's greatest point guards.

Chris Paul will probably win more championships and MVP's than Deron Williams, but Williams will go down in history as another John Stockton, one hell of a point guard.