2008 Twins Preview

Kelso HakesCorrespondent IMarch 26, 2008

There is less than a week until the '08 season of the Minnesota Twins begins at the Metrodome.

One of the biggest concerns coming into the season is the status of the rotation. We definitely will be a team of inexperience. None of the returning pitchers have been around for very long. Scott Baker, although currently injured, will be a big part in this rotation. From last year, he is the only pitcher that is really consistent. His injury right now is nothing too serious, but will be closely watched.

Boof Bonser has lost over 20 lbs. over the off-season. He looks healthy and strong and he's looking to have an important role this season. Livan Hernandez, new pitcher with 85 mph fastball, will also be looking for some time on the mound this year. Acquired in the off-season, the Twins are hoping for a great year for him.

With the Johan Santana trade, the Twins have acquired many young prospects hoping for a spot. One of them, Phillip Humber, is the front runner of these players to make the roster. He has been throwing very well down in Florida.

One of the biggest topics has been of Francisco Liriano. He has been throwing, but not at 100% yet, but is very close. He is expected to be ready by the time Opening Day comes around.

Twins veterans, such as Justin Morneau and Michael Cuddyer, have spent this spring training getting to know many new faces. Morneau must familiarize himself with new teammates surrounding him in the infield with Adam Everett at shortstop, Mike Lamb at 3rd base, and Brendan Harris at 2nd base. Cuddyer looks to his right to find newcomers Delmon Young and Craig Monroe manning the other outfield positions.

With the majority of the roster being new, the possibilities are endless. The Twins definitely have the talent and the ability to win, but can it be done? The Twins will have some competition in the Central Division. The Detroit Tigers have a great pitching staff this year and is the obvious front-runner in the division. All in all, this season could go either way. This team has the potential and the ability, but we'll just have to wait and see.