PGA: Will Jim Furyk Get Back on Track in 2013?

Steve SilvermanFeatured ColumnistJanuary 9, 2013

Jim Furyk is hoping to get back in the winner's circle in 2013.
Jim Furyk is hoping to get back in the winner's circle in 2013.Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Jim Furyk is one of the most inspirational golfers on the tour.

Especially where high handicappers are concerned.

Furyk's unconventional swing resonates with fans all over the country. Furyk, of course, does not have the classic swing of Rory McIlroy, Phil Mickelson, Zach Johnson or Tiger Woods.

That gives golf fans some inspiration. Furyk has been one of the top pros for many years even though he doesn't have a picture-perfect swing.

But Furyk has to do a lot more than inspire amateurs: He has to get his game back on track.

During the 2010 season, Furyk won three tournaments, and he won more than $4.8 million on tour. Furyk was seemingly in contention most weeks, and he had a chance to beat those with classic swings much of the time.

But since 2010, Furyk has struggled. He was unable to find his game in 2011, and he slumped badly. Not only did he not win a tournament, he did not even finish in the top three.

His earnings went down to $1.5 million, and his game disappeared.

Furyk did a lot better in 2012, but there was one problem. He won $3.6 million last year, finished second twice and third once. He also had eight top-10 finishes.

But Furyk did not win one tournament. He also struggled badly in the Ryder Cup. While you can't blame him for the U.S. defeat, Furyk was extremely shaky in his individual matchup with Sergio Garcia and lost it on the last hole.

Furyk was shaken badly from that loss, and it's clear a small part of that defeat will stay with him until he gets a chance to make up for it if he is selected for the 2014 Ryder Cup team.

But Furyk has to look at the positive aspects of the 2012 season and build on them in 2013.

He did everything correctly—except win.

If you look at the stats, Furyk was extremely accurate off the tee, ranking fourth in driving accuracy. He was third in scoring average and 12th in total putting.

Those are the kind of stats that should allow Furyk to get back to the winner's circle.

However, Furyk will need to figure out why he has not been able to keep his concentration when it comes time to closing out tournaments.

There's a certain lack of confidence that has been dogging his game for two years.

One early win in 2013 can get him back on track to an outstanding season.

Furyk needs to keep his confidence and cool one time, and that could get him going once again.