Vickie "Destroying The Memory Of Eddie" Guerrero

jose valderazContributor IMarch 30, 2009

It's hard to believe at times that this woman was once the most personal and prized possession of the late great Eddie Guerrero. Eddie was above all of one of the most colorful charismatic entertainers the WWF/WWE has ever promoted.

Nowadays it seems like the sport of professional wrestling is stuping to levels lower than ever recorded before.

Vickie Guerrero: what's the story behind the WWE employing her? She must've found something on the WWE that could have possibly ruined their reputation that made them want to do whatever possible to keep her quiet. At least, that's what i assume.

Now, we have this woman, Mrs. Eddie Guerrero who has been and continues to diminish the memory of her late husband, twice a week might I add.

So-called marriages, make-out sessions, poor management decisions and not to mention horrible acting and one of the most annoying voices I've ever heard. I can't help but wonder what her children are thinking as they view their mother each week. Pure embarrassment!

I'm sure the true fans of Eddie Guerrero remember him for who he was and what he brought to the sport.

The "I lie, I cheat and I steal" slogan, the low-riders, the "three amigo suplex" and sure entertainment. I loved watching him as the ref was lying on the canvas, grab a steel chair, hit the canvas, toss the chair into the hands of his opponent and fall to the canvas before the ref saw any of his doing. He'd just lay there practically mocking his opponent.

Need I remind you that he also took part in the greatest ladder match Monday Night Raw has ever televised! Maybe even in the entire history of ladder matches! Eddie Guerrero vs. Rob Van Dam. See for yourself.

Today, I admit that's its somewhat difficult to remember the countless memories Latino Heat has left us to cherish without accounting for those that this vixen is creating for us now.

She is truly destroying the memory of Eddie Guerrero one day at a time. When fans continue to chant, "EDDIE, EDDIE, EDDIE", I wonder what goes through her mind. She disgusts me!