NCAA Football: 64 Team Tournament Must Be Installed

John ManzoContributor IMarch 30, 2009

What is better than the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament? Who wouldn't want this March Madness come January? How awesome is that feeling when you pick the number 12 seed to knock off the five seed? In March, every sports fan becomes engulfed with the television screen as they watch their projected tournament winner in a cut-throat game that could ultimately bust their bracket. The sports media may think Texas Tech Head Coach Mike Leach is strange, but call me crazy; Leach has the right idea. This 64 team tournament would allow a better adjustment from NCAA to NFL for players, more money for the NCAA, a chance to attempt another bracket selection, and to give the George Mason's of college football a dream season.

Here's my theory on this 64 team playoff. I want some January Madness. Eliminate a game or two from the college football season, narrowing the season to 10 games. Implement the six game, 64 team tournament, and make the season 16 total games. I know good math right? Assuming the elite teams advance further into the tournament, better teams mean better players in my opinion. With having better players playing anywhere from say 12-16 games a season, these future NFL players can slowly adjust into the role that they will soon face on Sunday's.

More games means more money. The NCAA should be drooling over the fact of a 64 team tournament. Upsets in the tournament would stir up the pot and everybody in the world would be interested to see if Florida Atlantic could cruise all the way to the National Championship. I'd have to say if this tournament became a reality you'd see more fans in Europe playing football rather than futbol. I think the NCAA should really invest some time into what Mike Leach proposed. This scenario would really eliminate the he said, she said for who deserves to be in the title game.

As an avid sports fan I love filling out my NCAA March Madness bracket. I always look at every game and see who is favored and do a ton of in-depth research. Does it matter? No it does not. Is it fun? You better it is! In America football is the sport to follow. Basketball is a sport many watch, but can you imagine how many people would follow a 64 team college football tournament? Television ratings would be setting daily records. I know I enjoy filling out a bracket, but I always mess up. I'd love to have two shots at a bracket per year. "It works in high school, it works in Division III, it works in Division II, it works in I-AA, it works in the NFL," Leach said. "To me, it's obvious," said Texas Tech Head Coach Mike Leach when talking about a 64 team playoff system. (Chuck Carlton)

Watching teams like Ball State and Utah this past season totally excited me. To see a great Utah team get snubbed of a National Championship game crushed every bit of my soul. Being from Michigan I have a fond love for the Central Michigan Chippewas. The students in Mt. Pleasant. must be chomping at the bit for a 64 team tournament. Having a chance at a dream season would make everybody happy. This tournament would also solve the problem of who is the best team in the nation. The mid-major schools would be happy, the power house schools would be happy, and most importantly the fans would be happy.

This 64 team tournament seems a long way from becoming a reality, but I say make it happen as quickly as possible. Bring on January Madness, I'm ready to fill out my bracket.