MLB Power Rakings: One Week Left 'til "Play Ball"

Shanan H.Analyst IMarch 30, 2009

BOSTON - MAY 4: Akinori Iwamura #1 slaps a late tag on the stealing Dustin Pedroia #15 of the Boston Red Sox of the Tampa Bay Rays during a game between the Boston Red Sox and the Tampa Bay Rays at the Fenway Park on May 4, 2008 in Boston, Massachusetts.  (Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)

1. Tampa Bay


Very Deep, and full of underrated players set to perform.  (Iwamura, Bartlett)


2. New York (AL)


Sabathia and Wang. Deadly.  Combine that with A-rod, Jeter, and Tex.  That’s a good team.  Should add Gruddi.


3. Chicago (NL)


They still won’t win a World Series, no matter how good they get.


4. Boston


Very, very, deep. Injuries aren’t a problem on the Sox.


5. Philadelphia


World Series champions.  Should have another okay season, though they will miss Burrell’s bat.


6. New York (NL)


The Bullpen is secure; now they just have to work a little on the outfield.


7. Detroit


If the team can work together, I see them getting into the playoffs.  They actually have a good team.


8. Anaheim


Some holes, but should have great chemistry.


9. Cleveland


Players just had an off year.  Expect a return.


10. St. Louis


.500 winning percentage very plausible for this team.


11. Texas


Very dangerous line-up, but Padilla and Millwood aren’t good enough.


12. Florida


Maybe this team can go further than last year.


13. Dodgers


When Furcal and Manny get injured, there will be problems.  However, Torre will carry them.


14. San Francisco


Rented a train wreck (Renteria) and signed a few other free agents.  Won’t bring them to October, but a good team.


15. Chicago (AL)


Wherever Quinten goes, the Sox will go.


16. Minnesota


Good young team, led by one of the greatest MLB players, Justin Morneau.


17. Atlanta


Braves must start re-building.


18. Milwaukee


They lost C.C., most likely Sheets, and don’t have a closer. Full of young talent and holes.


19. Baltimore


One of the best outfields in the league, they must put together a rotation, and some power.


20. Toronto


Lost Burnett, looking to rebuild?



21. Kansas City


Alex Gordon = Evan Longoria.  Hopefully Soria and Gordon can push the team.


22. Arizona


Young players must perform.


23. Colorado


No longer a Holliday in Colorado.


24. Seattle


Rebuilding year, however, they have good prospects. This year will be the last re-building year.


25. Cincinnati


I see another Big Red Machine…a little down the road.


26. Oakland


Giambi can’t carry the team, and Holliday might not make the switch to AL.


27. Houston


Bunch of old, overrated guys, except Hunter Pence. 


28. Pittsburgh


The LaRoach ‘bros will be good


29. Washington


Another bad season, but Dunn’s the All-Star, not Guzman.


30. San Diego


     Eventually, they will begin rebuilding.


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