The Kentucky Wildcats Have a New Coach…

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The Kentucky Wildcats Have a New Coach…
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Calipari to UK?

Or supposedly, although the media rumor bonfire has caught on heavily. Many various sources, including the Commercial Appeal, Star Tribune, and even CBS Sports are reporting that the deal is practically done and John Calipari, the exalted coach of national powerhouse Memphis, will be coaching Kentucky next season.

Early reports have the deal rumored to be worth $32 million for eight years, making Calipari the first $4 million/year collegiate basketball coach. These same rumors say that no announcement will come until the contract is actually signed (no Gillispie repeat), which would be in 24-48 hours.

A few of these rumors are truth. The Memphis Athletic Director has been quoted as saying Calipari wouldn’t be Memphis’ coach by the end of the day, so most of this seems to hold water.

Most of you know how I feel about Calipari. I’m simply not sold on his coaching ability outside of recruiting, and even that has not been solidified as the Memphis program practically recruits itself. However, some very high-profile recruits could be following Calipari to Kentucky, which would be a significant boost for the UK program.

Interesting stuff.

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