EA Announces New Game Modes For Madden 2010

Joshua SkaarCorrespondent IMarch 30, 2009

Detroit Lions president Matt Millen with quarterback Jon Kitna before a game between the Chicago Bears and Detroit Lions at Soldier Field in Chicago, Illinois on September 17, 2006.  (Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)

EA Sports, developer of the sporting game juggernaut "Madden NFL Football," has announced some exciting new game modes added to this years game.

In previous years another EA Sports title—"NCAA Football"—has been compatible with the Madden series and allowed you to transfer a created player over to Madden and enter the NFL draft and "live" the life of an NFL prospect and work your way into the Hall of Fame in the Become a Legend mode.

Not this year. Now you can flip-flop on your decision to end your career.

"This year we want gamers to have the REAL experience of an elite NFL player," said EAS Senior VP Steve Chiang. Talking about the new "Flip-Flop" feature: "The only downfall of coming out of your assumed retirement is that your ratings will drop 15 points in every category, and will be a burden on your team."

But that is a small price to pay for one more year of service to the game you love, is it not?

"If you have played as a running back and came out of retirement, you will now hold back all younger backs with better ratings, just because you are a legend," said Chiang.

The biggest add-on to "Madden 2010" will be an offshoot of the popular "Franchise Mode" called "Matt Millen's Franchise." The main focus of this mode is to take on the role of your teams General Manager and create the worst possible product on the field

"This mode will allow you to run your favorite team right to the bottom," said Chiang. "Once you start your season you will have two major choices to make: Sofa or love seat for you office? Or an office with a view of the parking lot, or the field."

"You have to be comfortable with your living conditions while creating a terrible team."

"Your character will receive salary bonuses for having a team win less than seven games, not paying veteran players, making poor drafting decisions, and the biggest prize comes when you blackout your own market!"

Madden 2010 will be flying off store shelves August 18. Reserve your copy today.