MLB 2009 Predictions: You Be The Judge

Cesar SanchezCorrespondent IMarch 30, 2009

On a nice quiet damp day here in Boston I decided to simulate a season of MLB The Show 09 to see how accurate everything would be. I am going to post first half numbers and then end of season numbers, along with awards and playoffs. Let's get it started. Oh, before I forget, I deactivated Alex Rodriguez and didnt activate him until the end of May.

First Half Standings

AL EAST: Red Sox (53-33), Yanks (53-39), Rays (49-41), Orioles (40-48), Jays (40-51)

AL Central: Tigers (50-38), Indians (43-46), Twins (42-47), Sox (41-49), Royals (37-51)

AL West: Angels (47-41), Rangers (47-41), A's (44-44), Mariners (36-52)

NL East: Phillies (50-38), Braves (48-41), Mets (43-45), Nats (37-51), Marlins (36-54)

NL Central: Cubs (60-28), Brewers (50-38), Reds (45-43), STL (45-47), Astro (40-49)

NL West: Dodgers (51-36), Padres (44-44), DBack (45-36), Rockies (43,45), SF (33-55)

Midseason Awards:

BA : Pedroia .317, Braun .361

HR : Thames 27, Howard 30

W : Smoltz 10, Schmidt 12

L : Pettite 0, Maine 2

SV : Fuentes 31, Cordero 32

ERA : Santana 2.26, Malhom 1.82

SH : Garza 3, Looper 2

CG : Garza 3, Pelfrey 3

K's : Sabathia 132, Alfonzo 140

IP : Sabathia 131, Wainwright 128.1

MVP: Thames

CY Young : Santana

Interesting set of numbers. Smoltz 10 wins? Thames as home run leader through the first half? Here are some noticeable trades:

5/10/09 Marlins traded Scott Proctor and Anibal Sanchez to the Nationals for Adam Dunn and Saul Rivera

5/16/09 Mets traded Mike Pelfrey to the Cubs for Kevin Gregg

6/3/09 Rangers traded Hank Blalock to Astros for Doug Brocail

6/4/09 Astros traded Roy Oswalt and Geoff Geary to the Angels for John Lackey and Scot Shields

6/13/09 Orioles Traded Russ Springer to A's for Danys Baez

6/25/09 Blue Jays trade Michael Barret and Brandon League to A's for Rajai Davis and Joey Devine

Here is the second half:

AL EAST: Red Sox (93-69), Yanks (91-71), Rays (87-75), Orioles (77-85), Jays (68-94)

AL Central: Tigers (95-66), Indians (90-72), Twins (80-82), Sox (70-92), Royals (67-95)

AL West: A's (86-76), Rangers (84-78), Angels (83-79), Mariners (63-99)

NL East: Mets(89-73), Phillies(86-76), Braves (81-81), Marlins(74-88), Nats(68-94)

NL Central: Cubs (104-58), Brewers (83-79), Reds (80-82), STL (72-90), Astro (66-96)

NL West: Dodgers (102-30), Padres (80-82), DBack (78-84), Rockies (77-85), SF (75-87)

AL Wild Card: Yankees (91-71), Indians (90-72), Rays (87-75)

NL WILD CARD : Phillies (86-76), Brewers (83-79), Braves (81-81).

End of Season Awards:

BA : Sizemore .318, Braun .337

HR : Sizemore 43, Howard 52

W : Smoltz 18, Schmidt 20

L : Santana 2, Maine 3

SV : Lyons 51, Cordero 52

ERA : Santana 2.49, Malhom 2.40

SH : Garza 3, Lincecum 6

CG : Sabathia 4, Alfonzo 6

K's : Kazmir 227, Alfonzo 276

IP : Sabathia 223.2, Alfonzo 232.2

MVP: Sizemore, A. Ramirez

CY Young : Santana

ROY : Dickerson, Teagarden

ROLAIDS: Lyons, Cordero

There you have it folks, the end of season result. Seems almost accurate, with the players.  Grady sizemore has always been stated to have breakout years and is so close to reaching his full potential that everyone can smell it. Perhaps he can be a clean athlete and do everything the baseball God's ask of a player. Let's advance to the postseason shall we.

In the ALDS we have the Yankees vs. Tigers, and Sox vs. A's. The Yankees sweep the Tigers and the Sox and A's go the distance in the ALDS with the Sox eliminating the A's.

In the NLDS we have the Cubs against the Phillies and the Dodgers against the Mets. The Cubbies and Phillies go the distance in their series and the Cubbies eliminate the Phils in a Game 5. The same goes for the Dodgers and Mets, the Dodgers take Game 5.

Rematch of the Beasts from the East, Yankees vs. Red Sox. The Sox take this in 5 games, to advance to the World Series. In the NLCS, the Dodgers and Mets battle it out and the Mets defeat the Dodgers in six, rematch of 1986 World Series is on.

The Mets and Sox duel it out until Game 6, the Sox prevail and win the 2009 World Series. In fitting fashion, David Ortiz is the playoff MVP and the World Series MVP.

There you have it fellow readers, come up with your storyline based on numbers and potential job losses and trades. Now this isn't completely accurate obviously but seems like it was for a minute. Enjoy.