Michigan State's Final Four Berth Brings Victory and Hope

Demetrus StokesAnalyst IMarch 30, 2009

With victory comes hope...

The Michigan State Spartans are on their way to the Final Four and no one could be happier than the residents of the state of Michigan.

The Spartans showed grit and determination in their hard fought win over Louisville. 

No one expected it. No one except maybe MSU's students, staff, and alumni. 

That same grit and determination is what has been shown by the citizens of Michigan.

As a resident of the state I see first hand how hard we've been hit by the failing economy. I've seen three layoffs at my own job in less than a year and have heard of countless more throughout the state.

People are losing their jobs and homes but for one brief moment were able to escape reality and live in MSU's moment.  

Even myself, a lifelong North Carolina fan couldn't help but clap as Goran Suton hit jumper after jumper.  As MSU's man-to-man defense seemed to frustrate Louisville as the game went on. 

Unlike most of the state's citizens, MSU was able to impose their will. Something that others have been doing to us for a while. 

So the citizens of Michigan will get to see one of their own state schools compete for a national championship. 

Kids from Detroit, Flint and Saginaw will get to play in front of crowds of family and friends. 

The headlines will read something other than Detroit and Flint being among the worst cities in the country. They will read of sons and grandsons, nephews and cousins playing on a grand stage.

For some members of this team it will be the biggest stage they'll ever play on. 

For some citizens of Michigan the game Saturday will be their only escape from their reality. 

MSU is not favored in their game versus UCONN but that won't stop the wave of green and white from invading Ford Field in Detroit. 

That won't stop fans from hoping that the ride doesn't stop Saturday. They hope this ride takes them all the way to Monday night and the national title. 

With victory comes hope...

The hope that for one weekend a city and state down on it's luck will be put in a positive spotlight. 

The hope that when the weekend ends Michigan's native sons will be cutting down the nets in victory.