Because We're Scared: Why We Love Sports Now More Than Ever

Thomas H.Correspondent IMarch 31, 2009

Recession. This word is used more than any other by the average American today.

As the curtain of recession falls onto the American people, our lives are controlled by it.

Whether we're losing our job, seeing a loved one losing their job, or seeing a child who's not able to pay for a toy, our hearts are breaking as the country we love is losing.

So where do we turn to? Our sports.

Today we watch our sports more than ever.

As the stress boils up, we come home to our television, our sports magazine, or go to the games. All of this allows us to release our stress and focus on something that we truly love.

When we get back into our other world, we no longer worry about the Detroit General Motors industry.

Instead, we worry about our current baseball lineup. We stop stressing about AIG and start thinking about MLB.

Alas, the next day we return to the real world. The grim world of eternal tears that seems to never let the Dow Jones see daylight.

Not until five in the afternoon, when the working man climbs back into his car and runs in the daily commute, does he remember other world.

He forgets the world of scared employees and lost jobs. He remembers a world that is... safe.

People say the sports world is recession proof. That it will always be safe.

When I hear that, I don't think people are talking about the actual sports business. I believe they are saying that it is recession proof as in it's safe to the people who come to it.

It is a place to hide from the recession, the safe house of a troubled nation. We love sports more than ever now because...

We're scared.