2009 MLB Predictions from Vegas Rich

Richard Marsh@RichardMarshSenior Analyst IMarch 30, 2009

I usually don't like predictions because I am really bad at them. These are just numbers, not backed up by statistics from last year because, frankly, I don't give last year much thought. Especially because I'm a Mets' fan.

So I made these extraordinary picks. Not too many surprises, that's why I still have three out my four final four picks still in there.

I'm all for nostalgia, so I have my two favorite teams to relive some brilliant baseball history, and after another drug-filled offseason, I think everyone would agree that we need some excitement this season.

So here goes; My predictions are well known to Vegas Gamblers. They see my predictions and bet the opposite.

NL East

1. Mets  2. Phils   3. Marlins   4. Braves   5. Nationals
    96-66    90-72     86-76         80-82        75-87

NL Central

1. Cubs   2. Reds   3. Cards   4. Astros     5. Brewers   6. Pirates
   95-67     86-76      83-79       75-87         74-88         71-91

NL West

1. D-Backs   2. Dodgers   3. Giants   4. Rockies  5. Padres
    89-73          88-74          77-85       70-92     60-102
AL East

1. Red Sox  2. Rays  3. Yanks  4. Orioles    5. Blue Jays
     96-66       94-68     88-74      78-84         76-86

AL Central

1. Indians  2. Twins  3. Tigers   4. White Sox  5. Royals
    90-72        88-74     86-76        85-77        80-82

AL West

1. Angels  2. Rangers  3. Athletics  4. Mariners
     91-71      83-79       79-83          74-88

NL Wild Card


AL Wild Card


NL Cy Young

Johan Santana

AL Cy Young

Josh Beckett


Carlos Beltran


Evan Longoria

Playoffs NL

Cubs beat Phillies
Mets Beat Diamondbacks

Mets beat Cubs

Playoffs AL

Rays beat Angels
Red Sox beat Indians

Red Sox beat Rays

World Series

1986 Deja Vu all over again.

Mets 4 Red Sox 3

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