March Madness Also Applies To the New York Knicks

Vinny YeagerCorrespondent INovember 2, 2016

March Madness is one of the biggest sporting events in all of American sports.

College basketball teams battling to earn their right to be called national champions.

Yet, the road to the Final Four can be very bumpy and full of upsets. Low seeds can beat high seeds, and star players may not perform up to their standards.

Although March Madness is a term coined for the NCAA Men's and Women's college basketball tournament, it can also be used to describe the New York Knicks and the recent month they just had.

There were great moments throughout the month but, unfortunately, there were also some miserable times in which New York suffered in the middle of the playoff push.

The Knicks started off the month well, winning two out of four games against Atlanta and Milwaukee, and losing to Charlotte and New Jersey.

Then, the Knicks went into Detroit and beat a very good Pistons team in overtime. New York also won two nights later against Minnesota, and the vibe of the team was positive and upbeat.

They were right in the hunt for the eighth seed in the Eastern Conference, and were on track to make the playoffs.

Then the madness happened.

The Knicks played a tight game against Cleveland on Mar. 15, but came out on the losing end. Although there are no moral victories in sports, you had to come out of that game feeling pretty good.

The same could not be said for the next two games.

The Knicks looked dead and showed no effort when they played New Jersey, who didn't have Devin Harris, and got blown out on their home court.

The same could be said for the next game when the Knicks lost to Sacramento, who happen to be one of the NBA's worst teams.

The downfall continued when New York lost both games at home with Orlando.

The saddest part two home game losses was that the second game was played at Madison Square Garden on Legend's Night where the likes of Willis Reed, Walt Frazier, and Patrick Ewing were being honored.

The Knicks had a big lead at halftime and decided to blow it in front of all the great men who paved the way for them and really know what it means to be a New York Knick.

The worst was yet to come. 

Earlier on Feb. 11, the Knicks were playing the Los Angeles Clippers in Los Angeles.

The game was tight down the stretch and the Knicks had a slim lead.

Late in the fourth quarter, New York had the lead and the ball. Al Harrington drove baseline and dunked the ball to give the Knicks a little more of an edge.

He then decided to hang onto the rim and slap the backboard. In the NBA, that will get you a nice technical foul.

So, the Clippers made the free throw, converted on the next possession, and sent the game into overtime.

The Clippers went on to win the game in overtime after the Knicks had the game in their hand.

Déjà vu happened all over again.

The Knicks met up with Clippers once again on Mar. 25. New York had a big lead for most of the game but, in typical New York Knick fashion, blew it.

The game was close late in the fourth quarter and the Knicks had a slight lead.

Then just like the game on Feb. 11, Harrington drove baseline, dunked the ball, hung on the rim, and earned himself another technical foul.

Once again, the Clippers made the free throw, converted on the next possession, and sent the game into overtime.

Los Angeles won the game in overtime, again, and it looked like somebody took a huge knife and stuck it right into the Knick's playoff hopes.

New York also went on to lose their next two games against New Orleans and Charlotte.

The Knicks have two more games left in the month of March, one at Utah and the other at Denver.

Lets just hope New York comes out of these games alive and tries to make this month a little less crazy then it already has been.