What Each Wrestlemania25 Match Means

Cj LeeCorrespondent IMarch 30, 2009

It all started the night of March 31st in the year 1985! Wow, where have the years went?

It seemed like yesteryear that I was enjoying Hulk Hogan in the main attraction in the very first Wrestlemania.

Plenty of matches to choose as a favorite, considering this is where every wrestler lays their body on the line like no other time since indeed it is the grand daddy of them all.

Here we are waiting in angst to watch and enjoy the greatest show on earth. Wrestlemania25 is almost here which will be live at 8pm EST on April 5th.

On a personal note, I should get paid just for putting that in my article, lol.

Anyways, back to the good stuff. So I decided after some time off from writing, to finally try and master this art of writing. Being able to open up and share my thoughts, opinions, and knowledge to those that are willing to read what I have to say.

Hope you all enjoy and this is what I have to say about this years Wrestlemania as I will review each match and my opinion of each wrestler participating!

Intercontinental Champion JBL vs. Rey Mysterio

Although John Bradshaw Layfield is retiring soon and the grand scheme of things is for him to retire as champion. It's a who knows what will happen scenario. I believe both deserve to win this match.

JBL for all that he has done for the wrestling business and considering this may be his last pay per view because of recurring back problems. So let him win and go out on top as the only male wrestler to retire as a champion.

On the other hand, Mysterio is way over do for a championship reign of any sorts and would probably be a crowd favorite as the Intercontinental Champion.

JBL's brute power vs. Mysterio's high flying and unpredictable moves. However... Mysterio is not set to retire anytime soon as JBL is, which is why I believe that JBL will win!

Chris Jericho vs. WWE Legends

Well, Chris Jericho has a lot to do to back that big mouth of his up. Him vs Flair, Snuka, Piper, and Steamboat.

I can care less of who gets the pin, just so much as Jericho gets a good beating. I see all of the greats getting a chance to pin Jericho and each using their finishing moves. I also see Jericho kicking out of each and eventually winning the match.

That's when Stone Colds music hits, he comes out and has a few words with Jericho, stuns him, and disappears into his hollywood career!

The Colons vs Miz and Morrison for the unification of the Tag Team Titles 

I believe this will be a very entertaining match as both teams are very athletic. Carlito and Primo have been getting by because of the Bella twins and just don't see them winning.

The Miz and John Morrison have already proven to be perhaps the best tag team right now in the WWE. They have held the tag titles for a while and are established as a well known team as well.

In the end, in an upset to set up a rematch... I do see the Colons winning on this night at Wrestlemania25 to become the Unified Tag Team Champions. This spectacle has to have a few surprises!

25-Diva Battle Royal

This is the one match that I am not even going to try and settle. I have a few choices of who I want to win and all are capable of doing so. Trish Stratus, Victoria, Gail Kim, or The Glamazon!

Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy (Extreme Rules Match)

To be honest, I don't think that there will be a winner as rumors already started circulating that this will be the only time that they do feud. I think it will be a very interesting match, where both put their bodies on the line.

In the end, I believe they will find mutual respect for one another, shake hands, hug, and move on with their careers!

Money in the Bank Ladder Match

Alright, to start off I am going to say that C.M. Punk is not going to win as even though there hasn't been a back to back winner as of yet, he will not be the one to do so.

He is already well liked with the fans and eventually will get a feud with some champion in the future... he is still young! I believe that there are only three real winners in this match. MVP, Shelton Benjamin, and Christian.

I am not going to say that Mark Henry or Kane won't win... but come on. I have never seen a giant win a ladder match. The ladder match was designed for the smaller man. Not as small as the common man, just not as tall as the giants in WWE.

I believe MVP and Shelton Benjamin will continue their feud for the United States Championship belt. Which leaves Christian.

I am going to throw this out there, because fact in point: most people do believe everything they read or hear. I on the other hand do not.

First, the WWE tried to make it such a secret that they had indeed signed Christian which made other established wrestling sites second guess. I was the only writer sticking by my story and before any site could verify that he was signed, he up and appeared on ECW.

Not only that, Christian turned down a five-year $2.5 million dollar contract from TNA.

Who knows what he signed for from the WWE, but I do know that he was smart enough to include a title reign of some sort.

Today is Monday, March 30th and he is scheduled to talk and chat tonight on WWE Universe.

These rumors of Vince not liking him, saying his doormat has more value then Christian, and doesn't think Christian has what it takes are B.S. in my opinion!

I'll admit, that is what he might of thought in the beginning when he left to go to TNA. I'll also admit that while being THE CHAMP in TNA and seeing him thrive and carry a company...it also changed Vince's mind as well.

Come on, does everyone honestly think that Vince signed Christian Cage away from TNA because he was too valuable to them to be nothing in the WWE?

Look, it's very simple. There is a hush hush going on in the WWE cause everyone knew what was going to happen before it did. What better way to throw everyone off then himself saying all of this, again B.S.!

Just as Punk won last year and then got drafted, I truly believe the same happens this year. Christian will win the match and indeed get drafted as well!!

Shawn Michaels vs. Undertaker

The Showstopper, Mr. Wrestlemania vs. The Phenom known as THE UNDERTAKER.

Well, as everyone knows... this will be indeed a great match. I truly believe Shawn Michaels should win this match, which would cement him as perhaps one of the greatest wrestlers of all time.

Right now, he is mentioned with the greats, but where?

Undertaker is already mentioned as I am sure no one who remotely knows anything about wrestling doesn't know who the Undertaker is. I want Shawn to end the undefeated streak of the Undertaker, but feel as though the WWE is pushing too hard to prove that Shawn isn't afraid and has the Undertakers number.

This is the only reason why I believe the Undertaker will continue his undefeated streak and win this years Wreslemania to become the new Mr. Wrestlemania and take that title away from Shawn Michaels!

World Heavyweight Champion Edge vs. John Cena vs. Big Show (Triple Threat Match)

Alright, you have the Rated R Superstar/The Ultimate Oppertunist vs. The Big Slow vs. John Cena... hmmm.

Alright, the favorite is Cena. The Champion is just that, which means he can get disqualified and still retain, but I'm sure with Vicki's lover Big Show in the match, she won't allow that to happen in the least.

I want to say that the Big Show wins, because no one expects him to and he just might. Should make for a great match to watch! For the two championships I will not give a winner as in all honesty, it is too hard to figure.

Perhaps the winner of the money in the bank match cashes in as all these guys should be tired!

WWE Champion Triple H vs. Randy Orton 

First, I want to start off by saying this should make for a very interesting and fun match to watch. Triple H is due for a victory at a Wrestlemania as he hasn't won one in the last couple.

The problem is, he is facing the most hyped up and coming superstar in years. Too hard to tell, either can win. Don't count out the money in the bank ladder match cashing in if Orton wins!

The reason I brought that up is because I don't believe there has been a money in the bank winner who has cashed it in on the same night and it's something Christian would do. If he were to win!! (feel free to correct me if there has been a past winner who has cashed it in the same night)



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