Michigan Mailbag Question: Is Recruit Marvin Robinson Still Going To Ann Arbor?

ErocWolverineSenior Writer IMarch 30, 2009

Hi Dude,

Just wondering what the scoop is with M. Robinson. Have not been hearing much about him lately and it is worrying me a little. He was thought to be a Wolverine lock and now he seems to be wavering a bit.



Thanks for the question.

First off, I'm not sure any kid is a lock until the fax of his letter of intent is sent in, especially one that has not even publicly committed to a school at this time.

We have heard good things about Marvin Robinson in the past, that is for sure. One thing about him, both coaching staffs (Carr and Rod) should be given a lot of credit for his recruiting, since he was offered a long time ago when he attended Carr's summer camp. He has had Michigan near the top ever since then and always has positive things to say about Michigan whenever he is interviewed.

Now has Michigan slipped lately? Naw, I do not believe so, but he is going to visit other programs, and anytime a recruit does that, you just never know what will happen.

When Robinson came up for a game in the fall, all indications at that time were very positive toward Michigan. Things looked great since then, because a lot of Florida kids have jumped on board, with others taking a good look at Michigan as well. Some of these kids are close friends of Robinson, or have become friends, so that is always a good sign.

Some kids know where they want to go, but want to take free visits to other college programs to see what they have to offer. Did I mention a free trip?

Right now, I am not worried about Marvin Robinson, and as of right now I look for him to be in this 2010 Michigan class.

Quick recruiting note: Fans get caught up on a kid, especially one that they have been following a long time. I think it is best if fans would not get so emotionally attached to recruits until a kid actually commits. Recruiting is getting earlier and earlier, so names will keep coming out all the time. Just because a name comes up first does not mean he is the best choice, or best fit, for a program.

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Written by CoachBt and ErocWolverine