DJ Augustin and Derrick Rose Battle for 2008-09 NBA Rookie of Year Honors

sam the fact checkerCorrespondent IMarch 30, 2009

We all know the debate between Chris Paul and Deron Williams.

Personally, I am a huge Deron Williams fan.

And I know about a billion people who could argue this either way and this would probably turn out to be another boring article in the Williams vs. Paul archives.

So instead, I will use two different players in part of another debatable discussion:

Derrick Rose vs. D.J. Augustin.

Both Rose and Augustin were drafted in the lottery of the 2008 NBA draft. Rose was taken with the first pick by the Chicago Bulls, and Augustin ninth by the Charlotte Bobcats.

Rose is most likely going to be the face of the Chicago Bulls, while Augustin...well, no one really knew what Michael Jordan was drafting Augustine for because they already had flourishing point guard Ty Lawson—I mean, Raymond Felton.

So now, I will present my argument on why D.J. Augustin has turned out to be a better point guard than Rose, and why Augustin should win ROY.


In head-to-head match-ups, Augustin annihilates Rose. It’s not even close. They have played two times this season and not only has Augustine come up victorious, so have the Bobcats.  

In their first meeting against each other, Augustine piled up a game-high 29 points, seven assists, and only one turnover.  Rose, on the other hand, shot three of 16, tallying only six points, seven assists and three turnovers.

In the second match-up, what would be a widely-televised game in the Time Warner Cable Arena, all of 10,000 fans got to see the Augustine play much more efficiently than Rose. Rose might have scored more points, with 13, but it was Augustin who kept his cool and shot 75 percent from the field, leading all players in field-goal percentage (minimum four shots).

The Bobcats also had a plus-four point differential when Augustin was on the floor, while Rose had a minus-17 point differential.


Statistically, Rose beats Augustin in almost every category. But where Augustin bests Rose might be the difference maker—three-pointers and free throws.

Lo and behold, three-point field goal percentage for a point guard might be the key to winning a NBA championship. Most NBA champions have superstar players on their teams, and neither the Bobcats nor Bulls have players equivalent to Kevin Garnett, Shaquille O’Neal, Tim Duncan, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, or Larry Bird.  The list could go on and on.

So if you throw out every NBA championship team with a player in the NBA 50 greatest, or soon to be top 50 greatest (Garnett), it leaves you with only the 2004 Detroit Pistons after 1979.  And on that team, Chauncey Billups shot above 30 percent from three-point range.

Rose is well below, and Augustin is well above. So, if history repeats itself, it’s more likely Augustine will win a championship before Rose, barring Rose actually improves his three-point shot, or gets an elite player.


On winning: Now if only D.J. Augustin’s Bobcats can steal the eighth, and final playoff spot from the Chicago Bulls, this would complete my argument. But we all know that teams winning percentage doesn’t take into account in ROY races (ex. 2008) so, we can throw out this category.


Just like last year, when the MVP award was taken away from Emeka Okafor, it looks like the ROY award might be given to the wrong person also. So, if you a highly-accredited NBA panelist who gets to vote for such awards, please consider DJ Augustine for the ROY.