LA Lakers' Pau Gasol Needs to Be Traded According to Sarah McLachlan Mock PSA

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJanuary 7, 2013

Pau Gasol needs your help. 

For the cost of a fake phone call, you can lend a hand to a mistreated big man whose creaky knees hardly help the fact that he continues to be misused by the Lakers

A tip of the hat to BallerBall, who spotted this hilarious video that aims to get Gasol out of LaLa Land, if only for his own good. 

From the start, you will be hit with a sudden wave of emotions familiar to Lakers fans. Then suddenly, without knowing why, you will feel sorry for Pau. And if that weren't enough, you get a sob-inducing message from Sarah McLachlan at the 1:19 mark. 

From getting blasted by Kobe Bryant for not putting on his "big-boy pants" to shooting awkward three-point bricks, it's time for the Spaniard to go. And it's not because he is the problem with the Lakers, it's because he is being misused and abused.

Mike D'Antoni, can't you see he will never run the floor like Leandro Barbosa? Don't you have a heart?

The Lakers continue to lose despite the tremendous expectations and star power they possess. Every time Gasol hits the free-throw line and blows into his hands as if it were 20 degrees in Staples Center, I want to run out on the court and hug him. 

From there, I want to be able to scream, "You're free now, boy. Go on and find yourself a nice place in the post on a team that isn't so awful."

Help save Pau Gasol. It's the humane thing to do. 


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