Wrestlemania 25—Quite The Anniversary!

Andrew FongCorrespondent IMarch 30, 2009

NEW YORK - MARCH 18:  The World Wrestling Entertainment logo hangs on a wall at a media conference announcing the all-star lineup of WWE WrestleMania XIX at ESPN Zone in Times Square March 18, 2003 in New York City.  (Photo by Mark Mainz/Getty Images)

Well, it certainly has been awhile, hasn't it?

I do apologize for the lengthy absence, but there have been many new happenings in my life, all of which took my time away from writing for you all.

Since the last time we met, I've graduated from College and took my degree into the real world. I've begun my career, which has relocated me here in beautiful Boston, Massachusetts (go Celts!), and I'm FINALLY getting the hang of livin' on my own.

But enough about my life, lets get to the real reason you're all here. Let's talk wrestling!

Ladies and gentlemen, we are a mere six days away from the greatest spectacle of them all. Although, technically, this would be the twenty-fourth anniversary (but who's counting?) of Wrestlemania, the WWE is touting Sunday's stacked pay-per-view extravaganza as the historic 25th Anniversary of Wrestlemania.

And while the card definitely has a lot to offer, I do feel as though something is missing. With all the hype about this year's event, I would expect some huge matches, with some huge names.

In any case, we do have some match-ups lined up that will without a doubt leave us wanting more.

So, what are we waiting for? Let's get into it!

Money in the Bank Ladder Match

Let's begin with the match that I believe will open the show, the Money in the Bank ladder match. I've got to say, I'm somewhat surprised at the participants of this match this year. I mean, Mark Henry? In a ladder match?

Kane makes sense, but I really can't imagine big ole' Mark Henry climbing a ladder, and I definitely do not see him taking any "oh my god" bumps. But who knows, maybe the addition of a beast like Henry could add to the different kinds of spots we may see.

Shelton Benjamin is a natural in that ring, and has been known to leave us with some incredible memories from his appearances in MITB matches. Shelton is a superstar who truly gives it his all, and will one day wear World Championship gold. Unfortunately, Wrestlemania 25 will not be his day.

As for who I'm picking as winner, I'm kind of split down the middle.

With a match like this, and the draft looming overhead, its very difficult to choose. While I am a HUGE fan of Christian's, I don't see him winning, as it was rumored that Vince McMahon had to be convinced to put him in the match in the first place.

That's just silly to me, as we know what Christian can do in a match, especially when a ladder is involved. But, we all know that Vince is crazy, and anything could happen.

But even so, before the participants of this match were ever even announced, I felt in my gut that this is MVP's year. MVP is one hell of a worker, and his new face character is helping to get him over more and more. I think he's put in his time, and paid his dues.

I think it is MVP's time to shine, and he will leave Wrestlemania with one more piece of luggage.

Winner: MVP

Intercontinental Championship: JBL v. Rey Mysterio

JBL keeps shouting "historical," but to be honest, I can't think of anything he could possibly do at Wrestlemania that would stand out as an unforgettable Wrestlemania moment for me.

There are rumors he will retire as Intercontinental Champion, and if so, that just won't do it for me. The problem for me, is that JBL is a character that I really just don't care about.

I don't care to watch him wrestle, I don't care to listen to him cut a promo, and I find myself not caring about whatever it is that he will do at Wrestlemania. And unfortunately, as much as I would LOVE to see Rey win the Intercontinental Championship at Mania, I see JBL retaining.

Winner: JBL

Tag Team Championship Unification: Miz n Morrison v. The Colons

This is a match that took way too long to happen. And I'm not talking about a match between the two teams competing, I'm talking about unifying the Tag Team Championships.

It seems pretty clear to me, Tag Team wrestling is not the WWE's focal point. And with so very few tag teams, why are two sets of titles necessary? I think this is going to be a really great match, but to me, the obvious winners are Miz n Morrisson.

These two are without a question, the greatest tag team that the WWE has featured in quite a long time. I like the Colons, but I believe if they win this match, the tag team titles will be put on the back burner once more.

Miz 'n Morrison have established themselves pretty well, and will give the titles more exposure and TV time than the Colons would. My only concern, as a fan of Carlito's, is that when he is no longer a champion, he will be forgotten by the WWE yet again.

Winner: Miz 'n Morrison

Ms. Wrestlemania 25 Diva Battle Royal

Well, I suppose we should just get this one out of the way. Let's just say, this isn't the match I'm most looking forward to. The only reason I'd be interested in watching this match is for the inevitable Trish Stratus appearance (Granted, I don't mind watching Kelly Kelly wrestle).

The outcome of this match is pretty obvious. If Trish Stratus shows up, she is the clear winner. If Trish is a no show, I'm picking Gail Kim for the win, as a way to establish her as a star right from the get-go.

Winner: Trish Stratus/Gail Kim

Chris Jericho v. The Legends

I've got to say, I'm pretty disappointed with how this turned out. This had the potential to end up as a really hot angle, and instead, we get a Smackdown vs. Raw video game storyline. And this isn't to take away from the legends that are involved in the match.

I have nothing but respect for all three of them; but when it comes down to it, Jericho is going to have to carry this match.

Based on Snuka's work during his segment with Jericho (I was there!) and Piper's recent health issues, I just don't think they can work a match like they used to. The only saving grace here is Steamboat. He seems to be in great shape, and I believe he could still work well.

That being said, I think the finish of this match will be spectacular. I see it going one of two ways. Mickey Rourke will be sitting ringside, and Jericho will give him attitude. And as Jericho is applying the Walls of Jericho on his choice legend, Rourke will enter the ring with a knockout punch to Jericho.

I'd love to see him hit his Randy "The Ram" finisher, but I'm not sure its in the cards.

Or, after Jericho has won the match and is celebrating, maybe beating down the legends after the bell, we will hear one sound. One sound that we've been dying to hear this whole angle. One sound that will make this Houston crowd explode, and send a chill down Jericho's spine.

That sound, my friends, is glass shattering. And then Hall of Famer, Stone Cold Steve Austin will charge the ring and stomp a mudhole in Jericho, hit him with the stunner, and share a couple Steveweisers with the legends.

This is the finish I prefer.

Winner: Either or. The winner doesn't matter here, its the finish that counts.

Jeff Hardy v. Matt Hardy - Extreme Rules

I can't even begin to imagine the crazy spots these two have planned for us. When you think of the words Extreme and WWE, a third word comes to mind; Hardys. And that is exactly what we're going to get.

We know that these two are going to give it their all, and I'm sure many of us will fear for their safety throughout this match. If it weren't for a couple of other matches on the card, this would be my clear pick for match of the night.

A lot of people think a Jeff Hardy win is obvious, but I think Matt will go over at Mania, to keep the program going.

Winner: Matt Hardy

World Heavyweight Championship: Edge v. John Cena v. Big Show

I'm a little disappointed with this match. We've seen Edge versus John Cena seemingly a thousand times, and now, we get the Big Show thrown in as well.

This match really just does not do it for me. Even though we've had Edge and John Cena bouts shoved down our throats for the past several years, I would still rather see that singles match than have Big Show in the mix. I'm not sure if you can tell, but I am not a Big Show fan.

Its tough for me to choose a winner for this one, which, I guess will help me enjoy it a bit more, since I can't predict it. My gut says Edge retains, but as I think about it a little bit more, a John Cena victory doesn't seem out of the question.

With the draft coming up, John Cena could be drafted over to Smackdown as their champion.

Then, as I think more about it, maybe WWE will throw us a curveball with a Big Show win. Although I'm not a fan of his, at least the title would be on someone else for a change.

I can't seem to choose a winner, but I suppose I will go with my original gut instinct and stick with Edge.

Winner: Edge

The Streak: Shawn Michaels v. The Undertaker

Hands down, this will be THE match of the night. There isn't a question there, and I think every wrestling fan in the world will agree with me here.

This match is extra special for me, because ever since I started watching wrestling some eighteen years ago, these two men have been my favorite performers by far. I'm getting excited for it just writing this!

The Streak angle is something that has made me nervous these past few years. For me, I think the Streak is something extremely important, and should never be broken. It strengthens the Undertaker's legacy, and having a "1" in that loss column would just be a shame.

However, with the amount of hype surrounding the Streak these past few years, it makes me feel like the WWE might be on the verge of ending it. But then again, maybe that's just REALLY good booking.

With that being said, I keep going back and forth for a winner here. I would like to see the Streak remain intact. Yet, as I think about it, the ONLY person that I feel is worthy of breaking the Streak, and the only person I might be okay with breaking it, is The Heart Break Kid. Even so, I don't see the Streak ending.

Winner: Undertaker

WWE Championship: Triple H v. Randy Orton

This match will be right behind Taker and Shawn as match of the night. We have two incredible workers here, in a match that is filled with passion. And this one will be brutal. This match will most definitely close the show, and it will have a shocker finish as well.

I see both men giving it their absolute all, with Triple H really tearing Randy apart. I see the referee getting knocked out, by Orton weilding Hunter's sledgehammer, with Orton then turning around, and being met with a Pedigree from the champ. But with no ref to make the three count, I see a McMahon, most likely Stephanie running down to the ring, a ref at her side.

I see Triple H standing to deliver another Pedigree, but I see Stephanie hitting a low-blow to her beloved, cavalier husband, leaving him prone to an Orton Punt, and an Orton win. Stephanie McMahon will join the Legacy at Wrestlemania.


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