2009 MLB Condensed Season Preview of Indisputable Truths! I Think...

David AllanCorrespondent IMarch 30, 2009

PHILADELPHIA - OCTOBER 29:  Carlos Ruiz #51 of the Philadelphia Phillies tags out Jason Bartlett #8 of the Tampa Bay Rays at home plate for the third out in the top of the seventh inning during the continuation of game five of the 2008 MLB World Series on October 29, 2008 at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)

It's that time of year friends. That time of year to be brave, to be bold, to make predictions that no one will ever remember.

Here is a quick divisional prediction, with one line about each team. Predictions on your World Series Champions, Cy Young's, MVP's and a Breakout player from the AL and NL.

Right or Wrong, I am sure nobody will recheck this in October, or Early November. So based on that feeling you guys, lets talk about it right now like we have the slightest clue of what we are talking about.

So here is my 2009 MLB Condensed Season Preview of Indisputable Truths!

AL East

1. Boston Red Sox – deepest rotation in baseball

2. New York Yankees - $200 million should get you a playoff spot, but a slow start will keep them from winning the division

3. Tampa Bay Rays – the bullpen finally lets them down

4. Toronto Blue Jays – opposite of last year, exciting young hitters, no arms

5. Baltimore Orioles – will play 10 wins better than their record

AL Central

1. Detroit Tigers – fulfill the promise of 2008

2. Minnesota Twins – steady as she goes, M&M keep them in the hunt

3. Cleveland Indians – Better but Cliff Lee is more like 2007, than the 2008 version

4. KC Royals – Not as bad as they usually are

5. Chicago White Sox – Too many kid for Ozzie

AL West

1. Oakland A’s – Billy Beane Fairy Dust does it again

2. Anaheim Angels – Pitching over reached a year ago

3. Seattle Mariners – Could be better than this, but I don’t think they have the bats

4. Texas Rangers – Still can’t pitch

AL Wildcard: New York Yankees

AL Champion: New York Yankees

AL Biggest Surprise: Oakland A’s

AL Biggest Disappointment: Anaheim Angels

NL East

1. New York Mets – This is the year they don’t collapse, I think

2. Atlanta Braves – Improved over a year ago

3. Philadelphia Phillies – World Series Hang Over

4. Florida Marlins – Still Young and Hopeful

5. Washington Nationals – Just plain bad, Adam Dunn or Not

NL Central

1. Chicago Cubs – The class of the central, just too good

2. St. Louis Cardinals – Carpenter, Wainwright, Pujols, Ludwig, Ankiel, they are better than most people think

3. Houston Astros – Not enough pitching to compete

4. Milwaukee Brewers  - Lost their Ace, and their Second best pitcher, going to be a tough year

5. Cincinnati Reds – Young, Exciting, Probably a better team than their record

6. Pittsburgh Pirates – losing season number 17, wonder if they are trying to get to Mario’s 66 for good luck

NL West

1. LA Dodgers – Manny will be Manny

2. San Francisco Giants – Tons of pitching, no bats, but this division is weak

3. Arizona Diamond Backs – Mark my words Brandon Webb is going to miss Orlando Hudson up the middle. Look out for Stephen Drew, took a huge step forward in 2008

4. Colorado Rockies – Traded their best player for Huston Street...does that make sense to anyone?  

5. San Diego Padres – Can Peavy go Sub 3 with the ERA and sub .500 with the record again?

NL Wildcard: St. Louis Cardinals

NL Champion: Chicago Cubs

NL Biggest Surprise: St. Louis Cardinals

NL Biggest Disappointment: Philadelphia Phillies

World Series Champion: New York Yankees


NL Cy Young: Johan Santana

AL Cy Young: Roy Halladay

NL MVP: Albert Pujols

AL MVP: Miguel Cabrera

NL Breakout Player:  Joey Votto – Cincinnati

AL Breakout Player: Adam Lind – Toronto Blue Jays


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