WrestleMania: Argument For and Against Shawn Michaels Defeating The Undertaker

ConanContributor IMarch 30, 2009

There are a lot of people debating as to whether Shawn Michaels will end the Undertakers undefeated streak at this year's WrestleMania. I personally would love to see HBK win but dont think it will happen, however there are a number of reasons for either man to win as I will now discuss below.

Lets start with the obvious one.

Reasons for Taker To Win:


1. I think that the Undertaker would like to retire with his unbeaten record at WrestleMania intact. This would be his only real way of leaving his mark on the industry (as he has been Champ four times but that doesn't really stand out as lesser wrestlers have been champ more times!!) and therefore keeping his name in the record books forever.

2.  Secondly, I don't think if he was to agree to end his WM streak he would want to lose it to HBK, a guy who is in the business longer than him and has absolutely nothing to gain from defeating the Undertaker. I believe if the streak is ever going to be ended that it will be a young guy, maybe Rhodes or DiBiase (more likely DiBiase) as a win for any up and coming superstar against the Undertaker at WM would almost definitely make their career.

3. Finally, Shawn Michaels doesn't need to win at WM, his greatest matches have been at WM, win or lose, either way Michaels wins with fans and critics alike year after year for his showstopping performances.

Now for the other side of the coin.

Reasons Shawn Michaels Could Defeat Taker and End the Streak:


1. Shawn Michaels is "Mr. WrestleMania," he has been portrayed as the underdog so many times over the years and came out on top. It is hard to see him lose when he has always been the guy who pulls out all the stops to defeat the big guys of the WWE.

2. I think Michaels not unlike Taker has not got long left and he wants to go out with one last big run maybe even as heel. What better way to start a major push as a heel then to cheat Undertaker out of the match and cruelly end his WM Streak??

3. Also when considering the outcome of this match we should also consider that Vince has always been sweet on Michaels. Michaels was the leader of the Kliq, a group of wrestlers in the early 1990's who were thought to be in McMahon's ear and apparently got what they wanted almost all the time.If Shawn Michaels wants to be the one who ends the Streak, who's to say he doesn't have that kinda of pull anymore?? He had it before, so whats to stop him from using his influence with Vince and HHH and ending the Streak??

All in all, weighing each argument up, I think Undertaker will win at WrestleMania.

And, although in my heart I will always be rooting for HBK, I think it just makes sense at this time that the Streak continues.

I would like to hear other peoples opinions on this match and all feedback is welcome as this is my first article!!!!