Will Nick Montana Become A Georgia Bulldog?

Robert HollandCorrespondent IMarch 29, 2009

Joe Montana, the all-time great 49er's quarterback, took a tour of Athens and The University of Georgia with his son, Nick Montana.

On a tour of other top SEC schools, Nick Montana made the stop in Athens to have a look at the Georgia Bulldogs football program.

Obviously, Georgia would love to add this high profile players to its roster, as it pushes the Georgia Bulldog football program out onto more of a national stage.

Montana told reporters that he and his father met with Georgia coach Mark Richt and Mike Bobo for around 30 minutes.

“We learned a lot about Coach Richt and the spiritual development, how he develops the players in the football program to be better men. That made a huge impression on me and my parents.”

Nick Montana went on to say about Georgia that, "it was nothing like he perceived to be. I was expecting Georgia to be out in the middle of nowhere, like the boonies. But there was actually a lot of stuff to do in the city. The town was lively. Another important thing were the people. I love the people. Everybody is kind, everybody is nice. They all want you to sign with Georgia.”

But will Montana chose Georgia over the flurry of offers he's getting?

Here's a list of current offers Montana has on the table:


Florida State




Notre Dame


North Carolina

Ohio State

South Carolina


So where will this high profile quarterback actually go?

That's hard to tell.

Georgia needs to do whatever it takes to get Montana to sign, because a player like that, with that much recognition, will add not only a high caliber quarter to the team, but also a higher level of national recognition that Georgia deserves.


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