Rangers Fans: Not Manufactured, Chosen

RangersMedia .co.ukCorrespondent IMarch 29, 2009

MANCHESTER, UNITED KINGDOM - MAY 14: A general view of Rangers fans during the UEFA Cup Final between Zenit St. Petersburg and Glasgow Rangers at the City of Manchester Stadium on May 14, 2008 in Manchester, England.  (Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images)

The onlookers thought I was taking some kind of fit. And they would have been right. It was a fit of ecstasy, of rapture, of joy beyond belief. It was November 4th, 1992 and Mark Hateley had just “walloped” the ball past Lukic. When Scotland’s goal king struck his 29th goal of the season a little while later, my earlier ”fit” was superseded by the “mother of all celebrations.”

Those who understand need no explanation.

We do not choose, we are chosen. It’s not just a leisurely way to spend a Saturday afternoon, an interest, no...it’s much much more than that, a calling, a duty, a lifestyle.

Rangers are not an occasional intervention into our everyday lives, they invade our very core in an all consuming way, from the cradle to the grave.

Pause. Take a moment to take stock...and imagine how different our lives would have been had we not been one of the chosen.

Doesn’t really bear thinking about does it?

The Rangers Way: You won’t find it in any dictionary or encyclopedia, even Wikipedia can’t explain it. But those who are chosen know what it is. Its mystique is that it is not written, not taught, it is an intuition bestowed upon the chosen. You will not acquire it by manufacture, you have to be born into it.

But that certainly does bear thinking about.

As the lies and duplicity of our press, or the cowardice of our politicians cause the chosen to be the undeserved recipients of their campaigns, schemes designed and orchestrated to demonise us, remember you are never ever alone. As they seek to isolate us entirely, usurp what we stand for and believe in, do not falter or stumble. The righteous anger within in you is not unique or peculiar to you, its felt and borne by us all.

We will not surrender the Sash. Derry’s Walls will not be breached. The hands which join across the water will not be undone. Our history and heritage will not be taken from us by clever and manipulative writers or cowardly politicians who govern us. What they manufacture to attack us with, is no match for what we were born with. What they concoct and manufacture is temporary, what we believe in and were born into is far far greater.

It is ridiculous this place we find ourselves today. In fact it is an indictment not on us, but on those who both govern and inform us through the various outlets of the media. Where else would those who honour our country, our sovereign and the brave men and women who defend us, be vilified, whilst those who proudly confess to a hatred of our country, who disrespect our sovereign, who celebrate the deaths of our soldiers are humoured?

The righteous indignation I referred to earlier should have been channelled into a potent weapon against our aggressors. The fact that our current custodians have neither channelled or identified with it...needs no explanation. They have shown by their apathy that they were not chosen.

But truth is a funny thing. History has shown that despite the attempts of many determined individuals...it just cannot be suppressed. Last week David McLetchie exposed Scotland to a glimpse of the truth, of the failings and injustice of Scotland’s anti-sectarian drive, as well as the one dimensional nature of it. He joins a small select list which includes Gordon Smith and journalist David Leggat.

Manufactured lies will not overcome chosen truths.

They will neither defeat nor overcome us. That which they manufacture against us will not defeat that which we were born into, and, which was born into us. They will not break our spirit or resolve, nor take away our history our heritage. We were not conscripted into this army...we were chosen.

If you don’t understand this...then I’m afraid you don’t matter.