Not So Priceless:Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes Should Leave Legacy

Demetrus StokesAnalyst IMarch 29, 2009

Watching Randy Orton climb to the top must be fun. 

Especially if you're Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes.

The two men who along with Orton form the faction known as "Legacy," but it seems the only one leaving the legacy is Randy Orton.

Randy Orton is possibly one week away from realizing his dream of becoming WWE Champion. 

DiBiase and Rhodes will surely enjoy Orton's victory from ringside. They're more than likely going to have some involvement if Orton indeed wins the title from Triple H. 

DiBiase and Rhodes as a team call themselves "Priceless" and were making waves as a tag team in the WWE. Both men have great talent that they surely inherited from their hall of fame fathers.

All of that stopped once they teamed up with Orton to form Legacy...

The main focus for these two have been to help Orton become champion all the while they have done nothing to help themselves. 

No marquee matches. Just a bunch of attacks on Triple H and a handicap match here and there. 

How can two guys this talented not be involved in a match a Wrestlemania? 

They both could have been participants in the "Money In The Bank Ladder Match" replacing Mark Henry, Kane or even CM Punk since he participated in the match last year and won. 

Instead, they will escort Randy "The Viper" Orton to the ring and watch from the sidelines. 

I know some Orton lovers out there are saying this will only help the careers of DiBiase and Rhodes. Orton had to do the same thing when he was in "Evolution."

While Triple H was the main man in Evolution the other members of the faction didn't just stand around and watch while Triple H won title after title. 

Ric Flair and Batista held the tag titles while Randy Orton became Intercontinental Champion and the youngest WWE Champion ever. 

This helped to elevate both Orton and Batista to main event status.

Right now the best DiBiase and Rhodes can do is be accomplishes to a main event storyline. 

The WWE needs to give them a storyline of their own to be involved in. As singles competitors or as a tag team, it doesn't matter give them something to do other than holding Randy Orton's bronzing airbrush can. 

Maybe after Wrestlemania plans will change but it already seems that Legacy is getting a bit stale.

The WWE likes to mirror old storylines and gimmicks so it would seem logical that Legacy would mirror Evolution. So far the only common thing between the two groups is Randy Orton. 

There is no denying that DiBiase and Rhodes have a great future in the WWE. 

It seems that in order to jump start their careers the best course of action would be to leave Orton behind and start their own legacy...

Now that would be Priceless.