Buffalo Bills B/R Community Newsletter Vol. 2

Matt SchaeferCorrespondent IMarch 29, 2009

ORCHARD PARK, NY - DECEMBER 28: A fan shows his appreciation for Fred Jackson #22 of the Buffalo Bills after the New England Patriots defeated the Bills 13-0 at Ralph Wilson Stadium on December 28, 2008 in Orchard Park, New York.  (Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images)

Welcome to the Buffalo Bills Community here on BleacherReport.com!

In case you missed the first newsletter, the point of these short write-ups is to bring the Bills community together and improve communications between all of the Bills fans here.

This newsletter will focus mostly on the community and some ideas to improve it. Included will be monthly/weekly awards during the regular season, ideas for writers, round-table discussion topics, and much more.

The newsletter will come out during both the offseason and the regular season.

Right now there is no set date for these newsletters to appear, but by the start of the preseason they will become a weekly event.

Also, there will be a few tweaks each time, based on your suggestions of what you want to see.

Without further adieu, lets get the second newsletter underway!

Looking for Bills Draft Roundtable

I told everyone that I would be bugging them again soon.

I am looking for members of the Bills community to give their take on what the Bills should do for the upcoming draft.

If you are interested, just make a post on my B/R profile or send me an e-mail at buffbillsfan517@yahoo.com

The draft is a little over 27 days away from the time I am writing this. For those interested, the post will come out about a week before the draft, giving the rest of the Bills community the chance to get their two cents in. 

There is also no set limit to the number of people who can participate. The more, the merrier!

Bills Community Online Talk Show

A Buffalo Bills online talk show is something that was sitting in the back of my mind for a while, and I think now is the time to get the views of the Bills B/R users on trying to start up a talk show about their favorite NFL team.

I have reviewed multiple sites and, seeing as how I want this to be a community event, I found out that blogtalkradio.com is the best site to use.  It comes with a free call-in number, allowing for multiple Bills fans to join the conversation online.

A date for the show has not been set, though I am guessing there will be a draft show if people are interested in helping out.

We'd like to start airing the show once a week, starting the first week of the preseason.

Now, seeing as this is for the community, there will be no set host. I might start it up for the first few shows, but after that it belongs to the Bills community here.

Again, this is only if people are interested. More information to come on this as well.

Bills Community Ranks at B/R

I don't know if I was asleep every time I logged into B/R, but I just noticed a CL Lounge icon put on the top of the page when I log in.

Since we are trying to build a strong community here, I don't see any point in keeping the community stats/ranks to myself. You guys are the ones who write articles and comments here, so why should I be the only one to see where we rank?

Here is the quick rundown of our ranks for the month of March out of the 32 communities:

  • Ninth in Articles Written (116)
  • 16th in Comments (614)
  • 12th in New Members (20)
  • 21st in Active Writers (1)

Not too shabby!

Active writers are those who write four or more articles a month about their community.  Our low number in that category shows we are getting articles from a wide range of people, which is good.

I have a strong feeling that as soon as the season starts, that active writer number will shoot up for us.

As for the member count, since the last writing of a newsletter we are up 38 new members! Great job by everyone out there spreading the word about the community!

Two Minute Drill

Your ideas, suggestions, and comments about this newsletter are greatly appreciated. 

Any ideas on how to strengthen the community would be great too!

If you need me for anything, you can contact me through my B/R profile or by sending an e-mail to buffbillsfan517@yahoo.com.

I am available at anytime for anything you need or any question to be answered.

Thanks for reading the second volume of the Bills Community Newsletter! Have a great day everyone, and…



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