Samoa Joe's Nation of Violence

christian orendorfContributor IMarch 29, 2009

Ok, so Samoa Joe has been stating he has this Nation of Violence, but thus far, we have only seen Joe and his awesome knife.  What has been making me think of is, who would be an asset in Joe's Nation of Violence.

And it got me thinking of Samoan stars who have yet to have a real push.  So let's do a little rundown of some of the potentials who haven't seen the limelight.



Rosey was a member of Three Minute Warning, who with Jamal (aka Umaga) dominated as a tag team in the early days of Eric Bischoff's run as Raw's GM.

When Jamal left, Rosey was left in a void which only became fulfilled when The Hurricane took him under his wing.  However, when Gregory Helms removed his moniker as The Hurricane, Rosey quickly became a distant memory.

Given a real chance, Rosey in TNA could be an asset in Joe's Nation of Violence, given his previous dominance during his 3MW days.



Manu was a Samoan who really didn't get enough of a real chance to shine in WWE.  He came in as the stooge of Priceless, and did a decent job in the young stable.

Then, Orton came in, taking Priceless under their wing, and ditched the overweight buffoon of the group, Manu, in which the WWE decided to quickly drop him from the limelight soon after. 

Given a real chance, Manu could be a violent upstart in the group.



I know what most of you will say, he already had a TNA run and he blew it by demanding more money too soon.  Here's what I have to say on it...Rikishi needs a spot in TNA right now. 

With the economy at its worst, and him not being on any major television spots right now, he should take what he can get.

With that said, Rikishi came into WWE and had a good run.  He had a good run as a part of Too Cool, as well as his rivalries were well enjoyed by all. 

He showed a dark side as the guy who supposedly ran over Stone Cold Steve Austin, so he already has the signs of being a main event player who could definitely play the anger role.  Plus, he has the face value that would boost the Nation of Violence.

With a four-man team, all Samoan, it would make for an interesting faction, especially if they went with the same fury and vigor that Samoa Joe is already displaying.

Could you imagine the intensity if that four-man team came in and decimated the Main Event Mafia on the first night that all of them appeared? 

It would make for television gold, and ratings gold, as well as making a credible faction that TNA has truly been seeking.