Through the Looking Glass: John Cena's Devolution

Sulayman H.Senior Writer IMarch 29, 2009

In common parlance, "devolution", or backward evolution, is the notion a species may evolve into more "primitive" forms.

"Ruthless aggression":

The two words that define John Cena.

The two words used by John Cena when he made his debut on Smackdown against Kurt Angle.

Cena started off as "The Prototype" in Ohio Valley Wrestling, and started garnering attention from Vince McMahon and the WWE who had him signed for a developmental contract.

That's all well and fine until he first appeared on Smackdown, where he would feud with many veterans.

But Cena didn't fully start connecting with the fans until he took on the Vanilla Ice gimmick.

And the rest is history. Winning multiple championships, dissing superstars, becoming WWE champion and customising his championship belts.


And now the article can begin.

John Cena is not a superstar.

He used to be.

I'll tell you why.

When John Cena had that chance of turning himself into a megastar, he did not take it. Instead, he went on to do the same thing over and over again.

Thus, labelling the Doctor of Thuganomics as a one-trick pony.

Sure, he sells merchandise. but he's the role model for kids that he wasn't meant to be.

Sports entertainment has had its highs and lows in the past. And all of that can be traced back to one man: Vince McMahon.

After opening his eyes to John's fan base, he decided to morph this controversial superstar and give him an "All-American-like" gimmick.

John was never meant to be a talentless, mindless brick, he was meant to be a megastar.

That's what Vince wanted to make him, and in Vince's mind he has done that.

John is to Vince what Hogan was once to him.

A hard-working dedicated superstar, minus the ego.

Because John has always done what's right for the business.

John Cena has become a one-dimensional cartoon character who screams he's going to be World Heavyweight Champion, and does nothing else to back it up except write nursery rhymes.

It's partly John's fault as well. He listened, always to the Chairman.

John Cena was going to be BIG in the WWE.

Vince just had to ruin it.

John Cena didn't screw John Cena. Vince screwed John Cena.

Disagree with me? Fire away, and I want reasons, not random B.S. like Robert.