Trailer Released for Chris Jericho's New Syfy Show 'Robot Combat League'

Sharon GlencrossContributor IJanuary 3, 2013

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The first official trailer for Chris Jericho's upcoming Syfy show, Robot Combat League, has just been released on the network's official YouTube channel, and it looks...well, about how you would expect a programme centred on giant fighting robots to look.

The show, which is due to debut on Febuary 26, will be hosted by the former WWE Champion. His involvement in the project was exclusively revealed by Entertainment Weekly's site back in November. Per the article, the multi-talented Jericho will also serve as a matchmaker and commentator.

While the premise of the programme is slightly silly (come on, boxing robots? Really?), the trailer certainly makes it looks impressive, sleekly put together and big-budgeted. Whatever else you want to say, it does look exciting. No doubt Syfy executives are hoping it takes off with their action-hungry young male audience in a big way.

Robot Combat League marks one of Jericho's most significant and high-profile mainstream gigs to date. He also has a short stint on ABC reality show Dancing with the Stars and a brief run as host of low-rated game show Downfall on his resume (via PWI).

Certainly, if the show turns out to be a major hit (and it very well could be) it could be the breakthrough role that establishes him once and for all in the entertainment industry. 

Notably, WWE's SmackDown airs on the Syfy network too. And, so, it seems almost inevitable that Jericho, who parted ways with the company last August, will make his way back to WWE television soon to promote Robot Combat League.

Interestingly, on Twitter, the star has recently been engaging in a scathing war of wars with Shield member Seth Rollins, poking fun at the NXT star's promo skills. Is it possible Jericho is simply laying the groundwork for an upcoming promotional appearance?