Indiana High School Girls' Basketball Player Drops Amazing Shot

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You can try, but you will fail to find any shot more amazing than the one dropped by an Indiana high school player recently. 

Gabrielle Gary hits an awesome shot and then runs back on defense like it weren't no thang. A tip of the hat to Bob's Blitz for spotting the video and filling us in on the particulars. 

McCutcheon HS' (IN) Gabrielle Gary had seven (only nine shots) 3 pointers and 24 points against their rival, Lafayette Jefferson Bronchos. None more amazing than this save that went for three.

Yes, the amazing part in all this is that the shot is actually supposed to be a mere save of an errant ball going out of bounds. 

At least, that's what we assume. There is no telling how much time was on the shot clock, so we have no way of knowing if Gary was trying for the hoop or just chucking the ball back to safety. 

It hardly matters, because the shot makes for an amazing video that even had the announcers losing their minds. 

We come in with one of the play-by-play guys stating, "we just got to see one go in." Well, you are about to see one go in. 

Gary's Mavericks reportedly went on to win the game, 56-36. While it was only the first quarter when this shot went in, the opposition should have just gone home after this banked through. 

When these things are falling for the other team, there is little hope for success. 

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