The Most Overused Words in Sport

True BlueCorrespondent IApril 8, 2017

Yesterday morning I was busy trawling through the Saturday newspapers whilst chomping my way through my breakfast when I paused to consider the accuracy of the following statement:

"Pele, undeniably the greatest player ever to have played the game.."

Well, I'm not here to disagree with such a statement, but I would think that many people would.

So the word undeniable can't really be used, can it?

Am I being pedantic here, or is that a valid point?

Words are very powerful things, and poor use of them can mislead, misrepresent, or even cause offence.

So here's a brief list of the words that I feel are misused, or at the very least overused, or simple baffling as to why they are used.

Project - can anyone tell me why clubs are now considered projects? Doesn't that dehumanise our great sporting clubs, the history and achievements?

My own team, Manchester City, are far too often described as a project, but no further details are forthcoming.

So what does it really mean. Are we to assume that what they mean is payday?

"I am here because of the PAYDAY" seems to fit just as well doesn't it.

Genius - I'm sorry, but there has never been a sporting performance that should end with any participant being described as a genius—end of story.

Hardman - I firmly believe that there are hard men who play sports, they tend to also be gentlemen off the field and play within the rules.

However Roy Keane, David Batty or Vinnie Jones are NOT hardmen; they are dirty players.

There is a difference.

Maestro - See Genius

Historic - There are very few sporting moments that are truly historic, and I would not think that Burnleys' success against West Brom is such a moment, but someone did!

Speculation - Really means guesswork or lies, doesn't it?

There are many more that cause me to spit my cornflakes all over my newspaper, but I simply can't put myself through the emotional strain listing them here, but please feel free to add your own in the comments below.