High Schooler David Denson Smashes 515-Foot Home Run at Marlins Park

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJanuary 2, 2013

At least something good happened at Marlins Park in 2012. 

Getting some good will into that park in just under the wire, the 2012 Power Showcase kicked off at Marlins Park on December 27

Normally, a bunch of high school baseball players hitting balls over a fence is not worth a mention. That's until one of them clubbed a ball over 500 feet and off the Jumbotron. 

A tip of the hat to Larry Brown Sports for spotting this video as well as running down the necessary information that has us hopeful we have not seen the last of this young slugger. 

The kid going all Prince Fielder at this home-run derby is David Denson, and he hit 19 home runs on the day. One of them was a 515-foot jack job to center. 

Yes, we hear the ping of an aluminum bat, much like you do. 

With something like metal bats, you are more inclined to dismiss a feat like this, no matter how amazing it sounds. 

However, we get an added bonus of context, as current MLB slugger Bryce Harper once competed in this event. 

LBS has video of that moment when Harper crushed a 502-foot bomb at Tropicana Field. 

As for Denson, he turns 18 on January 17, stands 6'4", weighs 252 pounds and can chuck a ball 90 miles an hour. 

Yes, we like his prospects. 

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