Manchester United: Sir Alex, It's Your Title To Lose

Shaka AndersonCorrespondent IMarch 25, 2008

Back in December, I wrote an article that provoked some fury among Arsenal fans. Arsenal were leading the table by five points and playing well, yet I predicted that Manchester United would win the league.

Well, April is almost upon us now and what do we have, Man UTD are leading the table by five points and playing well. Nobody seems to be able to stop Christiano Ronaldo from scoring, which means Chelsea and Arsenal are now praying for miracles to save their seasons.

Now, I didn't want to make that prediction because I want my team to win the league, but at the end of the day, Chelsea are just not good enough.

I think although Avram Grant has made some very dumb decisions, he has not gotten enough credit for the way he has hauled Chelsea back into the fight to be in second place with a team that belongs to Jose Mourinho. The truth is though, that it will be too little, too late.

Take the last week for example. I was at White Hart Lane for the draw against Spurs and I was almost in tears at the end of the game. If I was a neutral fan, I would have said that this was the best game in the Premier League all season bar none as most of the games involving the "Big Four" have been snorefests. The fact fact is that I'm not a neutral and Chelsea had a chance to maintain the gap to Man UTD and blew it.

This was their best performance offensively under Avram Grant so far, but defensively it was our worst. Too many goals conceded from set pieces. 

Now people will say, "you beat Arsenal." And I will say, "yes, we did." The fact is though, we are still five points behind with only seven games remaining. We need to beat Man UTD at Stamford Bridge and hope they lose another game elsewhere. If anyone can see where there are going to lose elsewhere, then please let me know.

Arsenal are now on their worst run under Arsene Wenger. The strength in depth comments that I made back in December are now coming home to roost. They have relied too much on getting Robin Van Persie back from injury instead of buying a top striker to put in the rotation. Emmanuel Adebayor is now struggling but has to play because there is nobody else.

Now Eduardo has been injured as we all know, with that horrific tackle and Robin Van Persie is taking time to get back to form after injury. When Kolo Toure was at the African Cup of Nations, they were relying on Phillip Senderos where he has shown that he is not a Premier League defender.

They should have more top quality players to provide some genuine competition for places. It's no wonder that Arsenal have not won anything so far in the last three years. Wenger needs to spend and stop being so tight.

The fact is that Arsenal are a young team that have found the going tough when the tough should get going and are now paying the price for having a thin, youthful squad with no experience to fight for the league. I'm sure their time will come; but not this year.

As for Liverpool, I think it's better left at that.

The title is Man UTD's to lose. They don't have to beat Chelsea or Arsenal to win the league, unless God answers my prayers for a miracle...

Until then, mine's a Guinness please!