The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly This Week In College Basketball

BabyTateSenior Writer IMarch 28, 2009

In a week where the NCAA Tournament should take center stage, several  situations in college basketball caused fans to lose temporary interest in  "Final Four Fever".

Aside from the Sweet 16 goings on, the past week provided fans of the underdog with something to cheer about.

For those to whom the game should never be bigger than the challenges of life itself, the week was a huge disappointment.

To the fans and players of one school, the public is left wondering where are the priorities in our society?


The Good

There have been few feel-good stories ever to equal that of the election of our President (seen above driving for a basket) in 2008. One that rivals it is the journey of his brother-in-law Craig Robinson as the first year head coach of Oregon State.

What we know of "First Bro" is that he put the clamp on our own jump-shooting President during their initial confrontation on the basketball court.

To be fair, while Barack is described as a very good street player, the powerful six foot six Robinson was Player of the Year in the Ivy League at Princeton.

After taking his MBA from the University of Chicago and working as the Vice President of the investment firm Morgan-Stanley, Robinson decided to leave the world of high finance and go into coaching basketball.

Following a short run as head coach of the Brown, Coach Rob moved on to the friendly confines of Corvallis to take over a woe begone power of yesteryear, the Oregon State Beavers.

It would not be easy, the Beavers went 0-18 in the PAC10 during the 2007-08 season.

While leading OSU to sixteen wins this season, Robinson has also led Oregon State to the finals of the CBI Tournament, a sort of mini-NIT, whose championship is a best two out of three rather than "one and done" like the NCAA Tourney and NIT.

Coach Robinson led his men past another fine rookie coach, Johnny Dawkins and his Stanford Cardinal, to make the CBI finals against 1966 NCAA Champion Texas El Paso.

Coach Robinson, Coach Dawkins, UTEP (Texas Western), and Barack Obama. The incredible journey is overpowering, and should bring a smile to the face of every American citizen.


The Bad

Oh, Jim Calhoun. Jimmy, now why would a fine Irishman like yourself be dabbling in such a cesspool as violating NCAA regulations?

Having done it before and gotten away with it is no excuse lad.

Earlier this season. another Hall of Fame Coach in the Big East, Jim Boeheim of Syracuse, was able to work past one of his star players being accused of assault by a woman in order to get his hot shooter on the court after a short university imposed suspension and some community service work.

One has to wonder what Coach Cal (The two time National Champion Coach Cal) saw in a teenage recruit named Nate Miles in order to endanger his program.

Despite the numerous allegations of Calhoun's illegal recruiting in this most recent case, it should be noted that at least the University dismissed Miles from school after being accused of abusing a 19 year old woman and attempting to "force himself on her".

The notorious reputation of Eastern basketball Coaches took another big hit with the "Calhoun situation". 

Accused for well over half a century of being in league with "the "Pug-Uglies" in order to arrange recruiting and the assignment of officials to certain games, the Big East certainly has been successful in the NCAA Tournament this season.

Success at what price?

Let's just say it has been a bad week for Connecticut, regardless of whether the Huskies continue to power through the NCAA Tournament.


The Ugly

It would be hard to think of a sadder situation in college basketball than the Kentucky coaching position disaster of the past seven days.

The Wildcats are no stranger to controversy, the history books are full of those stories.

What is so ugly about the situation with Billy Gillispie is the explanation by UK President Lee Todd, Jr. who stated "the failure(of Gillispie) to understand that the head coaching position is more than coaching, recruiting, and practicing".

Can you show us that on the job description Mr.Todd?

The education system in the state of Kentucky is often pointed to as needing money to help the less fortunate areas of the Commonwealth.

The workers of the state are under-paid with massive expectations in hoisting the education system to a level they may never be able to reach.

We need not revisit the situation of the national perception of the Bluegrass state regardless of whether it is accurate or not.

While there is much yelling and lurid finger-pointing regarding what went wrong with Coach Gillespie, who should be the next Wildcat coach, and how the people need a true Kentuckian born and bred like Rick Pitino and Adolph Rupp (wait–cancel that), the fact remains the University is negotiating to pay Gillispie up to six million dollars just to leave.

Athletic Director Barnhart certainly hopes it will be less than six million. We have to see what Gillispie's attorneys have to say on the issue, recognizing Gillispie has UK on this personnel matter "up one side and down the other in a court of law".

Now, that's getting your priorities in order.  


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