Five Kinds of People in Your Bracket Pool

Josh BAnalyst IMarch 28, 2009

MARANA, AZ - FEBRUARY 28:  The brackets as seen during the semifinals of the Accenture Match Play Championship at the Ritz-Carlton Golf Club at Dove Mountain on February 28, 2009 in Marana, Arizona.  (Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images)

You find at least one of these in every pool. You associate yourself with one of these and you think everyone else is stupid for being another one of these kinds of people.

Heading into the elite eight, now you can figure out which one you are.


The Know-Nothing

This is the person who doesn't follow college basketball, but participates in a tournament pool every year just because everyone else they know is doing it. This is about 70 percent of the population.

They generally pick all the No. 1 seeds, maybe a No. 2 if it's a school they like for non-basketball related reasons.

Last year, they dominated your pool. In fact, they seem to finish close to the top just about every year. Makes you really question what filling out a bracket is all about.


The Homer

There are two kinds of homers. The first kind is associated with a mid-major school. They're the one who lives near a Missouri Valley school and feels that their team will be in the elite eight.

The second kind is the one who's put Duke as their champion for the last three years, or any other major basketball school.

Generally, they don't do well, since they have no knowledge of the other 64 teams.


Mr. Upset

This is the guy with a final four that went along the lines of Utah, Chattanooga, Virgina Commonwealth, and Western Kentucky.

You have to respect their boldness, but you feel bad that they usually finish last every year and never seem to learn that their method is not working and end up, you know, upset.

However, you stop feeling bad once they make fun of you for putting a one seed in your final four.


The Know-it-all

The Bill James of college basketball. This person thinks they're smart because they can name a player on each mid-major or they know how each team's defense matches up against their first-round opponent.

They fill out four or five brackets before they're satisfied with their result. You know, they're one of a few guys who watched college basketball during the regular season.

I guess I'm guilty of this since I'm one of a few people in the world who can write an entire article about Cleveland State, but I can tell you that it's nothing to be ashamed of.


ESPN's Biggest Fan

I filled out my bracket the night they came out last year. The next morning, ESPN had all my upsets. I was angry, but I didn't change a thing. Four days later, all my upsets are wrong.

Maybe ESPN copied everything from me, or maybe I fit into this category last year.

ESPN's biggest fan is the one who gets their advice from the analysts, who are mostly pretty good. But it's sad that this person can't decide for themselves.

They pick all the fashionable upsets like VCU over UCLA or Western Kentucky over Illinois. This person also thinks that Davidson should be in the tournament and if they were, they'd be in their sweet 16.

Generally this person finishes in the middle of the pack, but they should hang their head in shame.