Twittering, NASCAR Style: How To "Twit" and "Tweet" Beyond the Twack!

Kara MartinSenior Analyst IMarch 28, 2009

I held out on becoming a "Twitterer", swore I'd never do it, what would be the point? I already have a Facebook page that I check regularly, not to mention my poor, neglected Myspace account that I now ignore on a regular basis due to time constraints.

I certainly did not need another social network! As it stands, I waste enough time on the Internet, another distraction was not in my best interest!

Yes, I was the lone sheep standing on the edge of the cliff, sadly shaking my head as each of my friends leapt off with the rest of the flock.

But, it's lonely at the top. I succumbed to the peer pressure of it all, I followed the flock and ultimately, I too, leapt ....Baaaaaah!

Twitter differs from Facebook and Myspace because of it's "microblogging" set-up.

Twitter is made up of "tweets," 140 character snippets of "what are you doing?" goodness.

Unlike other social networking sites, Twitter is more like instant messaging with the universe.

Twitter allows it's users to follow and be followed by others; to get a glimpse into people's lives and communicate in real time.

One of the coolest things about Twitter is that everybody is welcome and EVERYBODY is doing it!

Celebrities, politicians, athletes, even news and entertainment media outlets are tweeting.

There is a little something for everyone, even NASCAR fans!

Want the latest breaking news from NASCAR? How about connect with other NASCAR enthusiasts or see what your favorite drivers are up to?

Well, Twitter has wrapped them all up and given us NASCAR addicts quite a gift! A place where we can all just twit along!

Twitter asks, "What are you doing?" and the NASCAR community responds enthusiastically.

Here is a sampling of the "real time" answers as this article goes to print.

From the drivers

Bobby Labonte@bobby_labonte "Practice, maybe?'

Marcos Ambrose@MarcosAmbrose Marcos was SIXTH fastest in first Sprint Cup practice at Martinsville before the rain came. MWR short track form looking good. Reutimann P7.

Kyle Busch@RidinWithRowdy #nascar #martinsville Qualifying has been officially rained out at Martinsville. Kyle will start 4th as they'll lineup by points

Max Papis@maxpapis "Good morning here in Martinsville still wet but no rain I go and see what we are going to do"

From the media "Rick Hendrick remembers organization's first Cup win at Martinsville." "NASCAR.COM Feed Rain: Well the race is set by owner point,s but what the heck it,ll still be great" "Rain puts Jeff Gordon on Sprint Cup pole at Martinsville" "Rain cancels qualifying in Martinsville"

From the "experts and others"

Spint Cup Racing@MissSprintCup  "And more news! The 25th running of the NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race will feature a 10-lap finale, all green flag laps! I can't wait"

The Speed Channel's, Rutledge Wood@RutledgeWood "just spent the better part of an hour with Kyle trying to load a picture of himself from his blackberry. Unsuccessful.Poop."

Kyle Petty@kylepetty "One of the best shows so far. John, Rut, everyone was great! Cold, rainy but FUN!"

Even Bleacher Report tweets, by posting links to the latest articles. "Revisiting 1979: Gateway to the Modern Era of Sports" 

My new friend Kerry Murphey@thefinallap "Your Guide to Everything #NASCAR on Twitter," has an awesome page on his site, called The Twitter Guide to NASCAR: a list, that is updated regularly, of NASCAR "tweeple" and their links.

Seriously, what more could you ask for? If everyone else is doing it, so would we!

So, c'mon take that leap, you'll be in good company!

We'll be waiting, all beaten and banged up in the depths of real time communication bliss.

Kara Martin@karamedic "@jaybusbee Hey! Thanks for linking my Bleacher Report article in your blog! It is much appreciated!!"

UPDATE - I would like to add's, "I'm a NASCAR fan and I'm new to Twitter" page. Not only does it have some great "tweeple" links, it also includes all of the cool Twitter slang that all the kids are using these days!

Please no edits to the actual "tweets," they have been copied just as they were written, thank you.