Michigan Mailbag Question: Regarding Tate Forcier

ErocWolverineSenior Writer IMarch 28, 2009

I watch and listen to everything Michigan football and I love your guys' blog. I have seen reports and videos of the progress of different position groups this spring.

My question is about the quarterbacks: What are your guys' impressions of them? I have have not seen one report or video of Tate throwing the ball. Does Tate pass the eyeball test? How does he throw the intermediate and vertical routes? These are the routes that I feel we were lacking last year.

Eric U.


Thanks for the question and comment.

We will be able to give you first-hand impressions in early April. From pictures, available film, and what we are hearing Forcier looks like he could use a good ten pounds or more of muscle. He needs to putt some weight on and build his strength to adapt to the rigors of college football and the hard hitting defense's looking to show him some "love." Aside from this, his throwing looks very solid at his point.

Again, it is very easy to look good without a pass rush in your face. We think it is extremely important that expectations on all the young players be kept in check. There will be times where Forcier looks great, and times where he looks like the true freshmen he is.

Forcier's arm could be getting tired right about now because of the sheer number of passes he has thrown. He probably has not thrown this much with so few, and short, periods to rest his arm, in a long time—if ever.

He came in early and started throwing right away, and a lot, to whoever he could get to stay over after workouts. On top of this, add in spring ball where the coaches want to see what he can do, giving him as many reps as possible. It's understandable if the zip on his passes might be lagging a bit by now.

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Written by CoachBt and ErocWolverine