Southern Professional Hockey Game Deteriorates into All-out Brawl

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterDecember 31, 2012

For those suffering from a lack of hockey action, a whole bunch of it broke out recently at a Southern Professional Hockey League game. 

The NHL lockout may take us well into the new year, but never say there is a lack of hockey action in this country. 

The above video features the Huntsville Havoc and Mississippi Surge enjoying a SPHL game when one thing leads to another and then absolute anarchy. 

The YouTube description is quick to blame officiating for allowing things to get well out of hand. 

After many missed chances to call spearing Referee Peter MacDougall waited a bit to (sic) late to try and control the game.

With just a few minutes left in the 3rd period the Mississippi Surge pull a Havoc player into the bench.

When the fight within players builds to these proportions, you aren't going to satiate them with mere minutes in the penalty box. 

Yahoo! Sports reports a total of 129 minutes were handed out for these transgressions. What's more, the fight continued well after this video concludes. 

Here is what a source told Yahoo! Sports

What you don't see after this video ends is when the refs are leading four of our guys off the ice, McGill tries to go after Kosolofsky again and our trainer has to restrain him.

Normally, hockey fight videos last all of a few moments and are settled in an instant. This is one that seems to continue well after you think the players have had enough. 

I have no way of knowing if the referee did indeed allow things to escalate as the YouTube uploader suggests. 

What's certain is these men were ready for a marathon session fight. 

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