Why Do The Bengals Think Andre Smith is Worth Their No. 1 Pick?

Kevin WeedallContributor IMarch 28, 2009

MIAMI - JANUARY 03:  Tight end Andre Smith #88 of the Virginia Tech Hokies watches the final moments of his team's loss to the Kansas Jayhawks in the FedEx Orange Bowl at Dolphin Stadium on January 3, 2008 in Miami, Florida. Kansas defeated Virginia Tech 24-21.  (Photo by Marc Serota/Getty Images)

I just watched 10 minutes of cut video of Andre Smith, which you would think would be edited in his favor due to the articles that were written around it.

All I saw was video of the defensive end from Clemson picking a lane against Andre Smith and taking the outside lane. I also saw Alabama continually running inside of left tackle Andre Smith.

On passing plays the defensive end continually tried to get to the QB from the outside and never got there. Had he stunted inside and swim-moved Andre Smith like he should have, he would have gotten to him more than once.

I believe that Andre Smith is overrated and game film shows it, along with his work ethic. We can't believe Nick Saban—who is sticking up for his sorry player—didn't he tell the Miami public that he was not leaving the Dolphins for Miami in fact he was extremely adamant about it and then he left.

The Bengals seem to get very fuzzy and warm over players from certain schools, which speaks volumes about they're scouting department and how it is much smaller than any other team out there.

They usually pick players from only a handful of schools each draft which means that they're scouts are only watching a handful of games. They would be better off using one of the draft guides to fill out they're draft boards. They almost always take two to three players from only two schools in the first three or four rounds.

I don't think we have any business taking Andre Smith—we need players with work ethic, not slobs who dont have any respect for themselves or the NFL way.