Stepping Up: The Top Five Freshmen to Make an Impact at Alabama In 2009

L.C. MayCorrespondent IMarch 27, 2009

Alright, I know its is still March and more people are worried about March Madness, but I have decided to write about the top five freshmen to make an imediate impact at Alabama in 2009.

I will start with No. 5 and work my way down to No. 1.

5. Quinton Dial

Quinton Dial is from Pinson, Alabama and for the people that do not know,he is a defensive tackle.

I expect Quinton Dial to make an impact as a freshmen. I never said he would start but I feel Nick Saban will put him in certain defensive schemes. Dial is a strong, quick defensive tackle that is able to get to the ball. I think he has the talent to impress Saban enough to make him a impact on defense in the certain defensive schemes I mentioned.

4. Nico Johnson

I have a feeling that you have heard of Nico Johnson. If you haven't then you need to because he was one of Alabama's five-star recruits and should make an immediate impact as a freshmen.

He should play alongside Rolando McClain and get to play a lot as a freshmen. He is extremely talented and quick so he should make an impact. I especially think he will switch out in Cory Reamer's position.

3. Trent Richardson

I also believe that you have heard of Trent Richardson also. He is the five-star running back from Pensacola, Florida heading to Alabama.

I am glad they got him since Glen Coffee left for the draft. I have put Richardson at No. 3 because I feel that Alabama will put him in behind Mark Ingram. I think Alabama liked the double running back scheme this past year and since Roy Upchurch got injured they should use Richardson right from the start.

2. Dre Kirkpatrick

I have placed Dre Kirkpatrick at No. 2 simply because he has a great chance to start since Rashad Johnson has graduated. I think that he is basically another Rashad Johnson except that Dre Kirkpatrick was recruited and Rashad Johnson was a walk-on.

I think that he might start as a freshmen because that spot at safety is available. He should be part of the freshmen All-American team also if he starts.

1.D.J. Fluker

I know this is probably not a shock, but since Andre Smith left for the draft, D.J. Fluker is probably the best bet.

He is probably the closest, if not the better version of Andre Smith. He is quick and extremely strong and should start and make the freshmen All-American team. I know James Carpenter might replace Smith, but I feel Fluker will beat him in the spot for it.

So there you have it, I know it was a short article, but there is not to much to say most of them. They are just amazing athletes and have already proven themselves.

I don't think people realize how hard these players work to get at the certain spot on the team. I just believe deeply in my heart that these guys will try their hardest. Feel free to comment and express your opinion.