Vince Can't See Me: EHW Friday Night Frenzy

Lucas BerndtCorrespondent IMarch 27, 2009

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND - JUNE 11:  (L-R) WWE wrestlers CM Punk, Natalya and MVP pose for a photo with Warriors jerseys after a  Warriors NRL  training session at Mt Smart Stadium on June 11, 2008 in Auckland, New Zealand.  (Photo by Sandra Mu/Getty Images)

Welcome to Friday Night Frenzy. Tonight we have a big surprise for you now let it begin.

CM Punk's music starts playing and he walks out. After he comes out Finlay and Hornswoggle come out. Followed by Chirstian, Mark Henry, MVP, Rey Mysterio, and Kofi Kingston

The owner Lucas Berndt comes in and welcomes the new wrestlers. He also does a small speech as to how EHW is evolving and the seven men behind him will help it. All the men leave then the first match begins

CM Punk Vs. MVP Hardcore match

CM Punk wins after using his finisher after hitting MVP with a chair. After the match though Mark Henry walks out and beats the living tar out of both wrestlers with a chair.

After the match you see Hogan and The Hurricane talking to Edge. Soon though Edge starts being beaten savagely by the two men. Both men grab chairs and start beating him with them.

They continue the onslaught till Christian comes out and helps Edge. The two reunite their tag team and challenge Hogan and The Hurricane to a  match at Monday Night Madness since Edge needs time to heal.

6 Man Tag Match The Rock, Lucas Berndt, and Finaly Vs. Hogan, Big Show, and The Hurricane

Lucas Berndt picks up the win after The Rock and him do a double People's Elbow on Big Show. After the match though after the victors leave Hogan and The Hurricane extend a invitation to join their group. Big Show accepts and they form the new NWO.

You see some of the Divas who have just joined but weren't acknowledged because of time restraints. You see Kelly Kelly, Michelle McCool, ODB, Taylor Wilde, Awesome Kong, Lita, and Trish Stratus. The next moment though Kofi Kingston comes out and tries to get the ladies love.

The ladies get pissed off and beat the crap out of Kofi. They then leave him to be found by security who call the hospital to come pick him up.

Shawn Michaels and Undertaker Vs. The Hardyz Cage Match (Escape Only)

Michaels and Taker win after Taker tombstones Matt and Michaels SCM's Jeff. The two escape and have a party with Steve Austin outside the cage. Austin though then Stunners both men and leaves.

At the end of the show you see Hogan, Big Show, and The Hurricane talking about their next target. They decide on Christian so they can crush the newly reformed tag team.

Remember folks two weeks from Sunday the Dark Resonance PPV will come from the pits of hell to your television screens.