Leonard Garcia Will Not Be Cut from the UFC Following His Loss

Joe Chacon@JoeChaconContributor IIIDecember 30, 2012

Dec 29, 2012; Las Vegas, NV, USA; Leonard Garcia (left) and Max Holloway (right) exchange strikes during UFC 155 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

What does a 3-5 UFC record, including a four-fight losing streak, get you? Apparently a stable job with the UFC.

Leonard Garcia lost his fourth consecutive fight in a bout with Max Holloway on Saturday night at UFC 155 in Las Vegas, Nev.

The fight may have been exciting for some, but I and others around me cringed at the thought that people were cheering for such a bad display of MMA.

The two heavy punchers continued to throw wild haymakers at each other for the duration of the fight. When the final horn sounded, it was Holloway who came away with the split decision victory.

Dana White acknowledged there was some controversy with the decision but emphatically stated the organization would not be cutting Garcia, at least for the time being.

White explained, "Sean Shelby, one of our matchmakers, came to me during the fight sometime and I guess Leonard Garcia was in a situation to be cut if he lost tonight, and he came to me and said, ‘Dana, I don’t wanna cut this guy. I said there’s no way in hell we’re cutting Leonard Garcia.”

Most would agree with the notion that Garcia is keeping his job because he provides a spark to any card he is on. It's true that it doesn't look like he's progressing very much as a fighter from a technical aspect, but he also isn't afraid to take risks.

One would have to imagine if Garcia were to lose his next fight, even White would have to say enough is enough and let him go.

It goes back to the question about whether putting on a show or winning a fight is more important to White and the others within the UFC. If Garcia were a wrestler who spent most of his time on the ground, I don't think there's any chance he'd still be under UFC contract at this point.


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