Sports News and Blog Links of Thursday, March 26th

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Sports News and Blog Links of Thursday, March 26th
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Bigger version of the morning link drop today, since I'll be heading out of town on a little road trip. I'll be driving the Blogmobile to the land of bagels, popped collars, and vacation homes that is known as Long Island. There will probably be a few updates here and there but if not, I apologize in advance.


Jim Calhoun not so smug after alleged recruiting violations ||

Senate will investigate College Football BCS antitrust issues |CBS|

Commish Goodell wants one or two more games added to schedule |FOX|

Mangini wants Favre to mentor Quinn and Anderson for Browns ||

Donte Stallworth says he flashed warning lights in fatal accident ||


Terrell Owens found a charity that will recognize him |Tirico Suave|

Ten professional athletes that don't look very athletic |No Guts, No Glory|

The NFL is getting wimpier with each and every rule change |Sharapova's Thigh|

Maybe Donte Stallworth could have just hit the brakes? |Shutdown Corner|

Andre the Giant never tried out for the Redskins |DC Sports Bog|

MLB Network announces Thursday night live game schedule |WatchDog|

NBA Live '10 will have custom shot arcs for each player |

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