When Dolph Ziggler Cashes In, Miz as Face, Match of the Year and Royal Rumble

Justin LaBar@@JustinLaBar Featured ColumnistDecember 29, 2012

When Dolph Ziggler Cashes In, Miz as Face, Match of the Year and Royal Rumble

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The Miz as a Face

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    are you a fan of Miz' work as a face so far ?

    So far, no.

    I'm happy The Miz turned face. However, the fashion and timing was a bit odd. There wasn't a big defining moment. He gradually turned and found himself on the babyface team at Survivor Series. I felt after having a strong heel run for the last few years and main-eventing WrestleMania, it should have been a bigger impact and moment.

    The timing was poor, in my opinion, as well. The Miz was engaged in a nice feud with Kofi Kingston, and I think there were many more miles WWE could have gotten out of this. It ended rather abruptly.

    I think in the long run The Miz will be a great babyface, but right now I'm not impressed with how it's gone.

Big E. Langston and the Shield in Royal Rumble

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    @JustinLaBar Do you see the likes of The Shield & Big E Langston participating in the Rumble this year? #BR

    It would make sense for Big E. Langston to be in the Royal Rumble. If he is still aligned with Dolph Ziggler and both are in the Rumble match, I could see Langston protecting Ziggler from elimination for a while.

    The Shield shouldn't be in the Rumble. It doesn't make sense for what they stand for right now. They should continue to do what they've been doing and run interference throughout the match.

Was The Undertaker vs. Triple H the Match of the Year?

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    @JustinLaBar you said you saw all match of the year candidates in person. Was Taker HHH match of the year in your opinion? #BR

    Absolutely. I was extremely fortunate to be in attendance live for all four matches that were “voted on" as match of the year at the Slammy Awards.

    The Undertaker vs. Triple H at WrestleMania certainly deserved the honor. The background, the story, the emotion and the presentation—everything was top notch.

    When I left WrestleMania that night, I knew I had seen one of the greatest matches and stories culminated.

    A small part of me was even sad, because I know I will rarely see that kind of match again, because they don't come along every day.

When Will Dolph Ziggler Cash In?

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    @JustinLaBar,Do you think Ziggler will hold onto his briefcase til Wrestlemania?if not when do you think will be ideal to cash in 4 him? #BR

    WrestleMania would be a remarkable time for him to cash in. It doesn't get any bigger. I felt very positive that he was going to cash in recently based upon how everything in the storylines was going.

    WrestleMania is WrestleMania, but I can't help not still holding on to the original idea I had when he won the briefcase.

    My thought was to have Ziggler hold it and the year stipulation almost expire. A countdown clock on WWE.com to when it expires. Full focus on when Ziggler is going to cash it in. You could even put cheap hype on the non-televised live events, as everyday is crucial.

    Eventually, in some creative fashion, he cashes in just before the year expires in July of 2013.

    This would be a creative way of keeping people heavily tuned in and interested in the final days, as they would know something has to happen.

    This would allow for WWE to fully cash in on Ziggler cashing in.

    Giving people a destination and window of time in which they know something is going to happen—it could be an easy way to keep viewership up for a full episode of a three-hour Raw.