WWE News: Two Injured Stars Slated to Return Tonight

Gone Baby GoneContributerDecember 29, 2012

Courtesy WWE.com
Courtesy WWE.com

It's disclosure time again. If you are not a fan of spoilers, there is no need to read any further.

Especially if you are looking forward to all that the WWE has in store for Monday night's Raw.

The returns of Randy Orton and Sin Cara are noteworthy but ultimately not entirely earth shattering. As both F4Wonline.com and  PWInsider.com (via Wrestlezone.com) report:

Injured WWE stars Randy Orton and Sin Cara are both expected to be at tonight's TV tapings in Washington, D.C. and are cleared to return to the ring.

Orton has been out of action dealing with a shoulder injury he suffered at the Tribute to the Troops taping, and he is officially being advertised for tonight's Raw taping on the Verizon Wireless Arena website.

Sin Cara has been out of action following minor knee surgery, and although WWE nor the arena website has announced his return, he is scheduled to be in Washington D.C. for tonight's Raw taping.

Overall, I am a bit surprised that the WWE is bringing Orton back so soon—especially considering that he could have easily been brought back for the Royal Rumble, which is less than a month away. Not only would that have given the WWE a chance to revamp Orton's stale character, it would have allowed him to return on a high note. Let's face it, more times than not, stars who have been sidelined tend to get huge pops when they make their return at the annual event.

Unfortunately for Cara, this comeback will likely be overshadowed by The Viper's reemergence. Sadly, Sin Cara has yet to live up to his expectations and has not been received well by fans. Personally, I was hoping to see the Cara-Mysterio team take off, as both men could use a boost in their popularity right now.

Don't get me wrong, I am not burying Mysterio by any means—just stating that he is not as over as he was a year or so ago, leaving me to wonder whether the high-flyer gimmick is on its last legs.

In the end, we will have to wait and see how these returns go over, as many fans have grown tired of both stars. Keep in mind, most fans are longing for Orton to turn heel and come back with a stronger presence. Meanwhile, I think you would be hard pressed to find anyone awaiting Sin Cara's reappearance.

Let me know what you think: Are you happy to hear about these returns? Or, could you care less?